ID Author Title Reference Description
1INFODr.Lt.DataComfyUI-Manager itself is also a custom node.
2INFODr.Lt.DataComfyUI Impact Pack extension offers various detector nodes and detailer nodes that allow you to configure a workflow that automatically enhances facial details. And provide iterative upscaler.

NOTE:MMDetDetectorProvider and other legacy nodes are disabled by default. If you want to activate these nodes and use them, please edit the impact-pack.ini file in the ComfyUI-Impact-Pack directory and change ‘mmdet_skip = True’ to ‘mmdet_skip = False.’

NODESAddMask, BasicPipeToDetailerPipe, BasicPipeToDetailerPipeSDXL, BboxDetectorCombined, BboxDetectorCombined_v2, BboxDetectorForEach, BboxDetectorSEGS, BitwiseAndMask, BitwiseAndMaskForEach, CLIPSegDetectorProvider, CfgScheduleHookProvider, CombineRegionalPrompts, DenoiseScheduleHookProvider, DetailerForEach, DetailerForEachDebug, DetailerForEachDebugPipe, DetailerForEachPipe, DetailerPipeToBasicPipe, EditBasicPipe, EditDetailerPipe, EditDetailerPipeSDXL, EmptySegs, FaceDetailer, FaceDetailerPipe, FromBasicPipe, FromBasicPipe_v2, FromDetailerPipe, FromDetailerPipeSDXL, FromDetailerPipe_v2, ImageListToImageBatch, ImageMaskSwitch, ImageReceiver, ImageSender, ImpactAssembleSEGS, ImpactCombineConditionings, ImpactCompare, ImpactConditionalBranch, ImpactConditionalStopIteration, ImpactControlBridge, ImpactControlNetApplySEGS, ImpactDecomposeSEGS, ImpactDilateMask, ImpactDilate_Mask_SEG_ELT, ImpactDummyInput, ImpactEdit_SEG_ELT, ImpactFloat, ImpactFrom_SEG_ELT, ImpactImageBatchToImageList, ImpactImageInfo, ImpactInt, ImpactInversedSwitch, ImpactKSamplerAdvancedBasicPipe, ImpactKSamplerBasicPipe, ImpactLogger, ImpactMakeImageBatch, ImpactMakeImageList, ImpactMinMax, ImpactNeg, ImpactNodeSetMuteState, ImpactQueueTrigger, ImpactSEGSConcat, ImpactSEGSLabelFilter, ImpactSEGSOrderedFilter, ImpactSEGSPicker, ImpactSEGSRangeFilter, ImpactSEGSToMaskBatch, ImpactSEGSToMaskList, ImpactScaleBy_BBOX_SEG_ELT, ImpactSetWidgetValue, ImpactSimpleDetectorSEGS, ImpactSimpleDetectorSEGSPipe, ImpactStringSelector, ImpactSwitch, ImpactValueReceiver, ImpactValueSender, ImpactWildcardEncode, ImpactWildcardProcessor, IterativeImageUpscale, IterativeLatentUpscale, KSamplerAdvancedProvider, KSamplerProvider, LatentPixelScale, LatentReceiver, LatentSender, LatentSwitch, LoadConditioning, MMDetDetectorProvider, MMDetLoader, MaskListToMaskBatch, MaskPainter, MaskToSEGS, MasksToMaskList, MediaPipeFaceMeshToSEGS, NoiseInjectionDetailerHookProvider, NoiseInjectionHookProvider, ONNXDetectorProvider, ONNXDetectorSEGS, PixelKSampleHookCombine, PixelKSampleUpscalerProvider, PixelKSampleUpscalerProviderPipe, PixelTiledKSampleUpscalerProvider, PixelTiledKSampleUpscalerProviderPipe, PreviewBridge, ReencodeLatent, ReencodeLatentPipe, RegionalPrompt, RegionalSampler, RegionalSamplerAdvanced, RemoveNoiseMask, SAMDetectorCombined, SAMDetectorSegmented, SAMLoader, SEGSDetailer, SEGSPaste, SEGSPreview, SEGSSwitch, SEGSToImageList, SaveConditioning, SegmDetectorCombined, SegmDetectorCombined_v2, SegmDetectorForEach, SegmDetectorSEGS, Segs & Mask, Segs & Mask ForEach, SegsMaskCombine, SegsToCombinedMask, SubtractMask, SubtractMaskForEach, TiledKSamplerProvider, ToBasicPipe, ToBinaryMask, ToDetailerPipe, ToDetailerPipeSDXL, TwoAdvancedSamplersForMask, TwoSamplersForMask, TwoSamplersForMaskUpscalerProvider, TwoSamplersForMaskUpscalerProviderPipe
3INFODr.Lt.DataComfyUI Inspire Pack extension provides various nodes to support Lora Block Weight and the Impact Pack.
NODESAnimeLineArt_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, BindImageListPromptList //Inspire, CacheBackendData //Inspire, CacheBackendDataNumberKey //Inspire, Canny_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, Color_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, DWPreprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, FakeScribblePreprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, GlobalSeed //Inspire, HEDPreprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, InpaintPreprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, KSampler //Inspire, KSamplerAdvanced //Inspire, KSamplerAdvancedProgress //Inspire, KSamplerProgress //Inspire, LeRes_DepthMap_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, LineArt_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, LoadImage //Inspire, LoadImagesFromDir //Inspire, LoadPromptsFromDir //Inspire, LoadPromptsFromFile //Inspire, LoraBlockInfo //Inspire, LoraLoaderBlockWeight //Inspire, Manga2Anime_LineArt_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, MediaPipeFaceMeshDetectorProvider //Inspire, MediaPipe_FaceMesh_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, MiDaS_DepthMap_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, OpenPose_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire, PromptExtractor //Inspire, RegionalConditioningColorMask //Inspire, RegionalConditioningSimple //Inspire, RegionalPromptColorMask //Inspire, RegionalPromptSimple //Inspire, RemoveBackendData //Inspire, RemoveBackendDataNumberKey //Inspire, RetrieveBackendData //Inspire, RetrieveBackendDataNumberKey //Inspire, ShowCachedInfo //Inspire, UnzipPrompt //Inspire, WildcardEncode //Inspire, XY Input: Lora Block Weight //Inspire, ZipPrompt //Inspire, Zoe_DepthMap_Preprocessor_Provider_for_SEGS //Inspire
4INFOcomfyanonymousComfyUI_experiments ModelSamplerTonemapNoiseTest, TonemapNoiseWithRescaleCFG, ReferenceOnlySimple, RescaleClassifierFreeGuidanceTest, ModelMergeBlockNumber, ModelMergeSDXL, ModelMergeSDXLTransformers, ModelMergeSDXLDetailedTransformers.

NOTE: This is a consolidation of the previously separate custom nodes. Please delete the,,,, and files installed in custom_nodes before.

NODESModelMergeBlockNumber, ModelMergeSDXL, ModelMergeSDXLDetailedTransformers, ModelMergeSDXLTransformers, ModelSamplerTonemapNoiseTest, ReferenceOnlySimple, RescaleClassifierFreeGuidanceTest, TonemapNoiseWithRescaleCFG
5INFOStability-AIstability-ComfyUI-nodes ColorBlend, ControlLoraSave, GetImageSize. NOTE: Control-LoRA recolor example uses these nodes.
NODESColorBlend, ControlLoraSave, GetImageSize
6INFOFannovel16ComfyUI’s ControlNet Auxiliary Preprocessors is a rework of comfyui_controlnet_preprocessors based on ControlNet auxiliary models by 🤗. I think the old repo isn’t good enough to maintain. All old workflow will still be work with this repo but the version option won’t do anything. Almost all v1 preprocessors are replaced by v1.1 except those doesn’t appear in v1.1.

NOTE: Please refrain from using the controlnet preprocessor alongside this installation, as it may lead to conflicts and prevent proper recognition.

NODESAIO_Preprocessor, AnimeLineArtPreprocessor, BAE-NormalMapPreprocessor, BinaryPreprocessor, CannyEdgePreprocessor, ColorPreprocessor, DWPreprocessor, FakeScribblePreprocessor, HEDPreprocessor, HintImageEnchance, ImageGenResolutionFromImage, ImageGenResolutionFromLatent, InpaintPreprocessor, LeReS-DepthMapPreprocessor, LineArtPreprocessor, M-LSDPreprocessor, Manga2Anime_LineArt_Preprocessor, MediaPipe-FaceMeshPreprocessor, MiDaS-DepthMapPreprocessor, MiDaS-NormalMapPreprocessor, OneFormer-ADE20K-SemSegPreprocessor, OneFormer-COCO-SemSegPreprocessor, OpenposePreprocessor, PiDiNetPreprocessor, PixelPerfectResolution, SAMPreprocessor, ScribblePreprocessor, Scribble_XDoG_Preprocessor, SemSegPreprocessor, ShufflePreprocessor, TilePreprocessor, UniFormer-SemSegPreprocessor, Zoe-DepthMapPreprocessor
7INFOFannovel16ComfyUI Frame Interpolation KSampler Gradually Adding More Denoise (efficient)
NODESAMT VFI, CAIN VFI, EISAI VFI, FILM VFI, FLAVR VFI, GMFSS Fortuna VFI, IFRNet VFI, IFUnet VFI, KSampler Gradually Adding More Denoise (efficient), M2M VFI, Make Interpolation State List, RIFE VFI, STMFNet VFI, Sepconv VFI
8INFOFannovel16ComfyUI Loopchain collection of nodes which can be useful for animation in ComfyUI. The main focus of this extension is implementing a mechanism called loopchain. A loopchain in this case is the chain of nodes only executed repeatly in the workflow. If a node chain contains a loop node from this extension, it will become a loop chain.
NODESEmptyLatentImageLoop, FolderToImageStorage, ImageStorageExportLoop, ImageStorageImport, ImageStorageReset, LatentStorageExportLoop, LatentStorageImport, LatentStorageReset
9INFObiegertCLIPSeg CLIPSeg node generates a binary mask for a given input image and text prompt.
NODESCLIPSeg, CombineSegMasks
10INFOBlenderNekoComfyUI Cutoff custom nodes provides features that allow for better control over the effects of the text prompt.
NODESBNK_CutoffBasePrompt, BNK_CutoffRegionsToConditioning, BNK_CutoffRegionsToConditioning_ADV, BNK_CutoffSetRegions
11INFOBlenderNekoAdvanced CLIP Text Encode CLIP Text Encode (if you need A1111 like prompt. you need this. But Cutoff node includes this feature, already.)
12INFOBlenderNekoComfyUI Noise extension contains 6 nodes for ComfyUI that allows for more control and flexibility over the noise.
NODESBNK_DuplicateBatchIndex, BNK_GetSigma, BNK_InjectNoise, BNK_NoisyLatentImage, BNK_SlerpLatent, BNK_Unsampler
13INFOBlenderNekoTiled sampling for ComfyUI extension contains a tiled sampler for ComfyUI. It allows for denoising larger images by splitting it up into smaller tiles and denoising these. It tries to minimize any seams for showing up in the end result by gradually denoising all tiles one step at the time and randomizing tile positions for every step.
NODESBNK_TiledKSampler, BNK_TiledKSamplerAdvanced
14INFOBlenderNekoSeeCoder [WIP] provides the capability to generate CLIP from an image input, unlike unCLIP, which works in all models. (To use this extension, you need to download the required model file from Install Models)
NODESConcatConditioning, SEECoderImageEncode
15INFOLucianoCirinoEfficiency Nodes for ComfyUI collection of ComfyUI custom nodes to help streamline workflows and reduce total node count.
NODESAnimateDiff Script, Apply ControlNet Stack, Control Net Stacker, Eff. Loader SDXL, Efficient Loader, HighRes-Fix Script, Image Overlay, Join XY Inputs of Same Type, KSampler (Efficient), KSampler Adv. (Efficient), KSampler SDXL (Eff.), LoRA Stacker, Manual XY Entry Info, Noise Control Script, Pack SDXL Tuple, Tiled Upscaler Script, Unpack SDXL Tuple, XY Input: Add/Return Noise, XY Input: Aesthetic Score, XY Input: CFG Scale, XY Input: Checkpoint, XY Input: Clip Skip, XY Input: Control Net, XY Input: Control Net Plot, XY Input: Denoise, XY Input: LoRA, XY Input: LoRA Plot, XY Input: LoRA Stacks, XY Input: Manual XY Entry, XY Input: Prompt S/R, XY Input: Refiner On/Off, XY Input: Sampler/Scheduler, XY Input: Seeds++ Batch, XY Input: Steps, XY Input: VAE, XY Plot
16INFODerfuuDerfuu_ComfyUI_ModdedNodes calculation depending on image sizes or something you want.
NODESABSNode_DF, Absolute value, Ceil, CeilNode_DF, Conditioning area scale by ratio, ConditioningSetArea with tuples, ConditioningSetAreaEXT_DF, ConditioningSetArea_DF, CosNode_DF, Cosines, Divide, DivideNode_DF, EmptyLatentImage_DF, Float, Float debug print, Float2Tuple_DF, FloatDebugPrint_DF, FloatNode_DF, Floor, FloorNode_DF, Get image size, Get latent size, GetImageSize_DF, GetLatentSize_DF, Image scale by ratio, Image scale to side, ImageScale_Ratio_DF, ImageScale_Side_DF, Int debug print, Int to float, Int to tuple, Int2Float_DF, IntDebugPrint_DF, Integer, IntegerNode_DF, Latent Scale by ratio, Latent Scale to side, LatentComposite with tuples, LatentScale_Ratio_DF, LatentScale_Side_DF, MultilineStringNode_DF, Multiply, MultiplyNode_DF, PowNode_DF, Power, Random, RandomFloat_DF, SinNode_DF, Sinus, SqrtNode_DF, Square root, String debug print, StringNode_DF, Subtract, SubtractNode_DF, Sum, SumNode_DF, TanNode_DF, Tangent, Text, Text box, Tuple, Tuple debug print, Tuple multiply, Tuple swap, Tuple to floats, Tuple to ints, Tuple2Float_DF, TupleDebugPrint_DF, TupleNode_DF
17INFOpaulo-coronadocomfy_clip_blip_node This custom node provides a CLIP Encoder that is capable of receiving images as input.
NODESCLIPTextEncodeBLIP, CLIPTextEncodeBLIP-2, Example
18INFODavemane42Visual Area Conditioning / Latent composition tool provides custom nodes that allow visualization and configuration of area conditioning and latent composite.
NODESABGRemover, ConditioningStretch, ConditioningUpscale, MultiAreaConditioning, MultiLatentComposite
19INFOWASasquatchWAS Node Suite node suite for ComfyUI with many new nodes, such as image processing, text processing, and more.
NODESBLIP Analyze Image, BLIP Model Loader, Blend Latents, Bounded Image Blend, Bounded Image Blend with Mask, Bounded Image Crop, Bounded Image Crop with Mask, Bus Node, CLIP Input Switch, CLIP Vision Input Switch, CLIPSeg Batch Masking, CLIPSeg Masking, CLIPSeg Model Loader, CLIPTextEncode (BlenderNeko Advanced + NSP), CLIPTextEncode (NSP), Cache Node, Checkpoint Loader, Checkpoint Loader (Simple), Conditioning Input Switch, Constant Number, Control Net Model Input Switch, Convert Masks to Images, Create Grid Image, Create Grid Image from Batch, Create Morph Image, Create Morph Image from Path, Create Video from Path, Debug Number to Console, Dictionary to Console, Diffusers Hub Model Down-Loader, Diffusers Model Loader, Export API, Image Analyze, Image Aspect Ratio, Image Batch, Image Blank, Image Blend, Image Blend by Mask, Image Blending Mode, Image Bloom Filter, Image Bounds, Image Canny Filter, Image Chromatic Aberration, Image Color Palette, Image Crop Face, Image Crop Location, Image Crop Square Location, Image Displacement Warp, Image Dragan Photography Filter, Image Edge Detection Filter, Image Film Grain, Image Filter Adjustments, Image Flip, Image Generate Gradient, Image Gradient Map, Image High Pass Filter, Image History Loader, Image Input Switch, Image Levels Adjustment, Image Load, Image Lucy Sharpen, Image Median Filter, Image Mix RGB Channels, Image Monitor Effects Filter, Image Nova Filter, Image Padding, Image Paste Crop, Image Paste Crop by Location, Image Paste Face, Image Perlin Noise, Image Perlin Power Fractal, Image Pixelate, Image Power Noise, Image Rembg (Remove Background), Image Remove Background (Alpha), Image Remove Color, Image Resize, Image Rotate, Image Rotate Hue, Image SSAO (Ambient Occlusion), Image SSDO (Direct Occlusion), Image Save, Image Seamless Texture, Image Select Channel, Image Select Color, Image Shadows and Highlights, Image Size to Number, Image Stitch, Image Style Filter, Image Threshold, Image Tiled, Image Transpose, Image Voronoi Noise Filter, Image fDOF Filter, Image to Latent Mask, Image to Noise, Image to Seed, Images to Linear, Images to RGB, Inset Image Bounds, Integer place counter, KSampler (WAS), KSampler Cycle, Latent Input Switch, Latent Noise Injection, Latent Size to Number, Latent Upscale by Factor (WAS), Load Cache, Load Image Batch, Load Lora, Load Text File, Logic Boolean, Lora Input Switch, Lora Loader, Mask Arbitrary Region, Mask Batch, Mask Batch to Mask, Mask Ceiling Region, Mask Crop Dominant Region, Mask Crop Minority Region, Mask Crop Region, Mask Dilate Region, Mask Dominant Region, Mask Erode Region, Mask Fill Holes, Mask Floor Region, Mask Gaussian Region, Mask Invert, Mask Minority Region, Mask Paste Region, Mask Smooth Region, Mask Threshold Region, Masks Add, Masks Combine Batch, Masks Combine Regions, Masks Subtract, MiDaS Depth Approximation, MiDaS Mask Image, MiDaS Model Loader, Model Input Switch, Number Counter, Number Input Condition, Number Input Switch, Number Multiple Of, Number Operation, Number PI, Number to Float, Number to Int, Number to Seed, Number to String, Number to Text, Prompt Multiple Styles Selector, Prompt Styles Selector, Random Number, SAM Image Mask, SAM Model Loader, SAM Parameters, SAM Parameters Combine, Samples Passthrough (Stat System), Save Text File, Seed, String to Text, Tensor Batch to Image, Text Add Token by Input, Text Add Tokens, Text Compare, Text Concatenate, Text Dictionary Update, Text File History Loader, Text Find and Replace, Text Find and Replace Input, Text Find and Replace by Dictionary, Text Input Switch, Text List, Text List Concatenate, Text Load Line From File, Text Multiline, Text Parse A1111 Embeddings, Text Parse Noodle Soup Prompts, Text Parse Tokens, Text Random Line, Text Random Prompt, Text Shuffle, Text String, Text String Truncate, Text to Conditioning, Text to Console, Text to Number, Text to String, True Number Generator, Upscale Model Loader, Upscale Model Switch, VAE Input Switch, Video Dump Frames, Write to GIF, Write to Video, unCLIP Checkpoint Loader
20INFOWASasquatchComfyUI Preset Merger ModelMergeByPreset. Merge checkpoint models by preset
21INFOWASasquatchPPF_Noise_ComfyUI WAS_PFN_Latent. Perlin Power Fractal Noisey Latents
NODESBlend Latents (PPF Noise), Cross-Hatch Power Fractal (PPF Noise), Images as Latents (PPF Noise), Perlin Power Fractal Latent (PPF Noise)
22INFOWASasquatchPower Noise Suite for ComfyUI Noise Suite contains nodes centered around latent noise input, and diffusion, as well as latent adjustments.
NODESBlend Latents (PPF Noise), Cross-Hatch Power Fractal (PPF Noise), Cross-Hatch Power Fractal Settings (PPF Noise), Images as Latents (PPF Noise), Latent Adjustment (PPF Noise), Latents to CPU (PPF Noise), Linear Cross-Hatch Power Fractal (PPF Noise), Perlin Power Fractal Latent (PPF Noise), Perlin Power Fractal Settings (PPF Noise), Power KSampler Advanced (PPF Noise), Power-Law Noise (PPF Noise)
23INFOWASasquatchFreeU_Advanced custom node provides advanced settings for FreeU.
NODESFreeU (Advanced)
24INFOWASasquatchASTERR Syntax Trees Evaluated Restricted Run (ASTERR) is a Python Script executor for ComfyUI.

Warning:ASTERR runs Python Code from a Web Interface! It is highly recommended to run this in a closed-off environment, as it could have potential security risks.

25INFOWASasquatchWAS_Extras (Blend), Inpainting VAE Encode (WAS), VividSharpen. Experimental nodes, or other random extra helper nodes.
NODESBLVAEEncode, CLIPTextEncodeList, ConditioningBlend, DebugInput, KSamplerSeq, VAEEncodeForInpaint (WAS), VividSharpen
26INFOomar92Quality of life Suit:V2 suite, String suite, Latent Tools, Image Tools: These custom nodes provide expanded functionality for image and string processing, latent processing, as well as the ability to interface with models such as ChatGPT/DallE-2.
NODESCLIPStringEncode _O, Chat completion _O, ChatGPT Simple _O, ChatGPT _O, ChatGPT compact _O, Chat_Completion _O, Chat_Message _O, Chat_Message_fromString _O, Concat Text _O, ConcatRandomNSP_O, Debug String _O, Debug Text _O, Debug Text route _O, Edit_image _O, Equation1param _O, Equation2params _O, GetImage_(Width&Height) _O, GetLatent_(Width&Height) _O, ImageScaleFactor _O, ImageScaleFactorSimple _O, LatentUpscaleFactor _O, LatentUpscaleFactorSimple _O, LatentUpscaleMultiply, Note _O, RandomNSP _O, Replace Text _O, String _O, Text _O, Text2Image _O, Trim Text _O, VAEDecodeParallel _O, combine_chat_messages _O, compine_chat_messages _O, concat Strings _O, create image _O, create_image _O, debug Completeion _O, debug messages_O, float _O, floatToInt _O, floatToText _O, int _O, intToFloat _O, load_openAI _O, replace String _O, replace String advanced _O, saveTextToFile _O, seed _O, selectLatentFromBatch _O, string2Image _O, trim String _O, variation_image _O
27INFOlilly1987simple wildcard for ComfyUI custom nodes provides a feature to insert arbitrary inputs through wildcards in the prompt. Additionally, this tool provides features that help simplify workflows, such as VAELoaderDecoder and SimplerSample.
NODESCheckpointLoaderSimpleText, LoraLoaderText, LoraLoaderTextRandom, Random_Sampler, VAELoaderDecode
28INFOsylymVid2vid node suite for ComfyUI that allows you to load image sequence and generate new image sequence with different styles or content.
NODESCheckpointLoaderSimpleSequence, DdimInversionSequence, KSamplerSequence, LoadImageMaskSequence, LoadImageSequence, LoraLoaderSequence, SetLatentNoiseSequence, TrainUnetSequence, VAEEncodeForInpaintSequence
29INFOEllangoKComfyUI-post-processing-nodes collection of post processing nodes for ComfyUI, simply download this repo and drag.
NODESArithmeticBlend, AsciiArt, Blend, Blur, CannyEdgeMask, ChromaticAberration, ColorCorrect, ColorTint, Dissolve, Dither, DodgeAndBurn, FilmGrain, Glow, HSVThresholdMask, KMeansQuantize, KuwaharaBlur, Parabolize, PencilSketch, PixelSort, Pixelize, Quantize, Sharpen, SineWave, Solarize, Vignette
30INFOLEv145ImagesGrid tool provides a viewer node that allows for checking multiple outputs in a grid, similar to the X/Y Plot extension.
NODESGridAnnotation, ImageCombine, ImagesGridByColumns, ImagesGridByRows, LatentCombine
31INFOdiontimmerComfyUI-Vextra-Nodes Pixel Sort, Swap Color Mode, Solid Color, Glitch This, Add Text To Image, Play Sound, Prettify Prompt, Generate Noise, Flatten Colors
NODESAdd Text To Image, Apply Instagram Filter, Create Solid Color, Flatten Colors, Generate Noise Image, GlitchThis Effect, Hue Rotation, Load Picture Index, Pixel Sort, Play Sound At Execution, Prettify Prompt Using distilgpt2, Swap Color Mode
32INFOhnmr293ComfyUI-nodes-hnmr various custom nodes for Latent, Sampling, Model, Loader, Image, Text
NODESCLIPIter, Dict2Model, GridImage, ImageBlend2, KSamplerOverrided, KSamplerSetting, KSamplerXYZ, LatentToHist, LatentToImage, ModelIter, RandomLatentImage, SaveStateDict, SaveText, StateDictLoader, StateDictMerger, StateDictMergerBlockWeighted, StateDictMergerBlockWeightedMulti, VAEDecodeBatched, VAEEncodeBatched, VAEIter
33INFOBadCafeCodeMasquerade Nodes is a node pack for ComfyUI, primarily dealing with masks.
NODESBlur, Change Channel Count, Combine Masks, Constant Mask, Convert Color Space, Create QR Code, Create Rect Mask, Cut By Mask, Get Image Size, Image To Mask, Make Image Batch, Mask By Text, Mask Morphology, Mask To Region, MasqueradeIncrementer, Mix Color By Mask, Mix Images By Mask, Paste By Mask, Prune By Mask, Separate Mask Components, Unary Image Op, Unary Mask Op
34INFOguoyk93y.k.’s ComfyUI node suite YKImagePadForOutpaint, YKMaskToImage
NODESYKImagePadForOutpaint, YKMaskToImage
35INFOJcd1230Rembg Background Removal Node for ComfyUI Image Remove Background (rembg)
NODESImage Remove Background (rembg)
36INFOYinBailiangMergeBlockWeighted_fo_ComfyUI MergeBlockWeighted
37INFOtrojbluetrNodes image_layering, color_correction, model_router
NODESJpgConvertNode, trColorCorrection, trLayering, trRouter, trRouterLonger
38INFOszhubloxAuto-MBW for ComfyUI loosely based on sdweb-auto-MBW. Nodes: auto merge block weighted
NODESAuto Merge Block Weighted, CLIPMergeSimple, ModelMergeBlocks, ModelMergeSimple
39INFOcity96ComfyUI_NetDist ComfyUI workflows on multiple local GPUs/networked machines. Nodes: Remote images, Local Remote control
NODESFetchRemote, QueueRemote
40INFOcity96Latent-Interposer node to convert the lantents between SDXL and SD v1.5 directly without the VAE decoding/encoding step.
41INFOcity96SD-Advanced-Noise LatentGaussianNoise, MathEncode. An experimental custom node that generates latent noise directly by utilizing the linear characteristics of the latent space.
NODESLatentGaussianNoise, MathEncode
42INFOcity96SD-Latent-Upscaler stable diffusion latents using a small neural network.
43INFOcity96ComfyUI_DiT [WIP] for DiT(Scalable Diffusion Models with Transformers).

None of this code is stable, expect breaking changes if for some reason you want to use this.

NODESDiTCheckpointLoader, DiTCheckpointLoaderSimple, DiTLabelCombine, DiTLabelSelect, DiTSampler
44INFOcity96ComfyUI_ColorMod extension currently has two sets of nodes – one set for editing the contrast/color of images and another set for saving images as 16 bit PNG files.
NODESColorModEdges, ColorModPivot, LoadImageHighPrec, PreviewImageHighPrec, SaveImageHighPrec
45INFOcity96Extra Models for ComfyUI extension aims to add support for various random image diffusion models to ComfyUI.
NODESDiTCondLabelEmpty, DiTCondLabelSelect, DitCheckpointLoader
46INFOKaharos94ComfyUI-Saveaswebp a picture as Webp file in Comfy + Workflow loading
47INFOSLAPaperComfyUI-Image-Selector custom node for ComfyUI, which can select one or some of images from a batch.
NODESImageDuplicator, ImageSelector, LatentDuplicator, LatentSelector
48INFOflyingshutterAs_ComfyUI_CustomNodes nodes for Image, Latent
NODESBatchIndex_AS, CropImage_AS, ImageMixMasked_As, ImageToMask_AS, Increment_AS, Int2Any_AS, LatentAdd_AS, LatentMixMasked_As, LatentMix_AS, LatentToImages_AS, LoadLatent_AS, MapRange_AS, MaskToImage_AS, Math_AS, NoiseImage_AS, Number2Float_AS, Number2Int_AS, Number_AS, SaveLatent_AS, TextToImage_AS, TextWildcardList_AS
49INFOZuellniZuellni/ComfyUI-Custom-Nodes DeepFloyd, Filter, Select, Save, Decode, Encode, Repeat, Noise, Noise
50INFOZuellniComfyUI-ExLlama ExLlama Loader, ExLlama Generator.
Used to load 4-bit GPTQ Llama/2 models. You can find a lot of them over at

NOTE: You need to manually install a pip package that suits your system. For example. If your system is ‘Python3.10 + Windows + CUDA 11.8’ then you need to install ‘exllama-0.0.17+cu118-cp310-cp310-win_amd64.whl’. Available package files are here.

NODESZuellniExLlamaGenerator, ZuellniExLlamaLoader, ZuellniTextCondition, ZuellniTextFormat, ZuellniTextPreview
51INFOZuellniComfyUI PickScore Nodes scoring nodes for ComfyUI using PickScore with a batch of images to predict which ones fit a given prompt the best.
NODESZuellniPickScoreImageProcessor, ZuellniPickScoreLoader, ZuellniPickScoreSelector, ZuellniPickScoreTextProcessor
52INFOAlekPetAlekPet/ComfyUI_Custom_Nodes_AlekPet PoseNode, TranslateCLIPTextEncodeNode
53INFOpythongosssssComfyUI WD 1.4 Tagger ComfyUI extension allowing the interrogation of booru tags from images.
54INFOpythongossssspythongosssss/ComfyUI-Custom-Scripts extension provides: Auto Arrange Graph, Workflow SVG, Favicon Status, Image Feed, Latent Upscale By, Lock Nodes & Groups, Lora Subfolders, Preset Text, Show Text, Touch Support, Link Render Mode, Locking, Node Finder, Quick Nodes, Show Image On Menu, Show Text, Workflow Managements, Custom Widget Default Values
NODESCheckpointLoader|pysssss, ConstrainImage|pysssss, LoadText|pysssss, LoraLoader|pysssss, MathExpression|pysssss, MultiPrimitive|pysssss, PlaySound|pysssss, Repeater|pysssss, ReroutePrimitive|pysssss, SaveText|pysssss, ShowText|pysssss, StringFunction|pysssss
55INFOstrimmlarnComfyUI_Strimmlarns_aesthetic_score CalculateAestheticScore, LoadAesteticModel, AesthetlcScoreSorter, ScoreToNumber
NODESAesthetlcScoreSorter, CalculateAestheticScore, LoadAesteticModel, ScoreToNumber
56INFOtinyterratinyterraNodes extension offers various pipe nodes, fullscreen image viewer based on node history, dynamic widgets, interface customization, and more.
NODESttN busIN, ttN busOUT, ttN compareInput, ttN concat, ttN debugInput, ttN float, ttN hiresfixScale, ttN imageOutput, ttN imageREMBG, ttN int, ttN multiModelMerge, ttN pipe2BASIC, ttN pipe2DETAILER, ttN pipeEDIT, ttN pipeEncodeConcat, ttN pipeIN, ttN pipeKSampler, ttN pipeKSamplerAdvanced, ttN pipeKSamplerSDXL, ttN pipeLoader, ttN pipeLoaderSDXL, ttN pipeLoraStack, ttN pipeOUT, ttN seed, ttN seedDebug, ttN text, ttN text3BOX_3WAYconcat, ttN text7BOX_concat, ttN textDebug, ttN xyPlot
57INFOJordachcomfy-plasma Plasma Noise, Random Noise, Greyscale Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Plasma KSampler
NODESJDC_AutoContrast, JDC_BlendImages, JDC_BrownNoise, JDC_Contrast, JDC_EqualizeGrey, JDC_GaussianBlur, JDC_GreyNoise, JDC_Greyscale, JDC_ImageLoader, JDC_ImageLoaderMeta, JDC_PinkNoise, JDC_Plasma, JDC_PlasmaSampler, JDC_PowerImage, JDC_RandNoise, JDC_ResizeFactor
58INFObvhariImageProcessing custom nodes to apply various image processing techniques.
NODESBilateralFilter, Brightness, Gamma, Hue, Saturation, SigmoidCorrection, UnsharpMask
59INFObvhariLatentToRGB custom node to convert latent to RGB.
60INFObvhariComfyUI_PerpNeg [WIP] KSampler (Advanced + Perp-Neg). Implementation of Perp-Neg
Includes Tonemap and CFG Rescale optionsComfyUI custom node to convert latent to RGB.

WARNING: Experimental code, might have incompatibilities and edge cases.

61INFObvhariComfyUI_PerpWeight novel weighting scheme for token vectors from CLIP. Allows a wider range of values for the weight. Inspired by Perp-Neg.
62INFOssituUltimateSDUpscale nodes for the Ultimate Stable Diffusion Upscale script by Coyote-A.
NODESUltimateSDUpscale, UltimateSDUpscaleNoUpscale
63INFOssituNestedNodeBuilder extension provides the ability to combine multiple nodes into a single node.
64INFOssituRestart Sampling ComfyUI nodes for restart sampling based on the paper ‘Restart Sampling for Improving Generative Processes’ [paper] [repo]
NODESKRestartSampler, KRestartSamplerAdv, KRestartSamplerSimple
65INFOssituComfyUI roop nodes for the roop A1111 webui script.
NODESRoopImproved, roop
66INFOssituComfyUI fabric nodes based on the paper ‘FABRIC: Personalizing Diffusion Models with Iterative Feedback‘ (Feedback via Attention-Based Reference Image Conditioning)
NODESFABRICPatchModel, FABRICPatchModelAdv, KSamplerAdvFABRICAdv, KSamplerFABRIC, KSamplerFABRICAdv, LatentBatch
67INFOspace-nukoDisco Diffusion version of Disco Diffusion for use with ComfyUI.
NODESDiscoDiffusion_DiscoDiffusion, DiscoDiffusion_DiscoDiffusionExtraSettings, DiscoDiffusion_GuidedDiffusionLoader, DiscoDiffusion_OpenAICLIPLoader
68INFOspace-nukoOpenPose Editor port of the openpose-editor extension for stable-diffusion-webui. NOTE: Requires this ComfyUI patch to work correctly
69INFOspace-nukonui suite Dynamic Prompts Text Encode, Feeling Lucky Text Encode, Output String
NODESNui.DynamicPromptsTextGen, Nui.FeelingLuckyTextGen, Nui.OutputString
70INFONourepideAllor Plugin is a plugin for ComfyUI with an emphasis on transparency and performance.

NOTE: If you do not disable the default node override feature in the settings, the built-in nodes, namely ImageScale and ImageScaleBy nodes, will be disabled. (ref: Configutation)

NODESAlphaChanelAdd, AlphaChanelAddByMask, AlphaChanelAsMask, AlphaChanelRemove, AlphaChanelRestore, ClipClamp, ClipVisionClamp, ClipVisionOutputClamp, ConditioningClamp, ControlNetClamp, GligenClamp, ImageBatchFork, ImageBatchGet, ImageBatchJoin, ImageBatchRemove, ImageClamp, ImageCompositeAbsolute, ImageCompositeAbsoluteByContainer, ImageCompositeRelative, ImageCompositeRelativeByContainer, ImageContainer, ImageContainerInheritanceAdd, ImageContainerInheritanceMax, ImageContainerInheritanceScale, ImageContainerInheritanceSum, ImageDrawArc, ImageDrawArcByContainer, ImageDrawChord, ImageDrawChordByContainer, ImageDrawEllipse, ImageDrawEllipseByContainer, ImageDrawLine, ImageDrawLineByContainer, ImageDrawPieslice, ImageDrawPiesliceByContainer, ImageDrawPolygon, ImageDrawRectangle, ImageDrawRectangleByContainer, ImageDrawRectangleRounded, ImageDrawRectangleRoundedByContainer, ImageEffectsAdjustment, ImageEffectsGrayscale, ImageEffectsLensBokeh, ImageEffectsLensChromaticAberration, ImageEffectsLensOpticAxis, ImageEffectsLensVignette, ImageEffectsLensZoomBurst, ImageEffectsNegative, ImageEffectsSepia, ImageFilterBilateralBlur, ImageFilterBlur, ImageFilterBoxBlur, ImageFilterContour, ImageFilterDetail, ImageFilterEdgeEnhance, ImageFilterEdgeEnhanceMore, ImageFilterEmboss, ImageFilterFindEdges, ImageFilterGaussianBlur, ImageFilterGaussianBlurAdvanced, ImageFilterMax, ImageFilterMedianBlur, ImageFilterMin, ImageFilterMode, ImageFilterRank, ImageFilterSharpen, ImageFilterSmooth, ImageFilterSmoothMore, ImageFilterStackBlur, ImageNoiseBeta, ImageNoiseBinomial, ImageNoiseBytes, ImageNoiseGaussian, ImageSegmentation, ImageSegmentationCustom, ImageSegmentationCustomAdvanced, ImageText, ImageTextMultiline, ImageTextMultilineOutlined, ImageTextOutlined, ImageTransformCropAbsolute, ImageTransformCropCorners, ImageTransformCropRelative, ImageTransformPaddingAbsolute, ImageTransformPaddingRelative, ImageTransformResizeAbsolute, ImageTransformResizeRelative, ImageTransformRotate, ImageTransformTranspose, LatentClamp, MaskClamp, ModelClamp, StyleModelClamp, UpscaleModelClamp, VaeClamp
71INFOmelMassMTB Nodes Face Swap, Film Interpolation, Latent Lerp, Int To Number, Bounding Box, Crop, Uncrop, ImageBlur, Denoise, ImageCompare, RGV to HSV, HSV to RGB, Color Correct, Modulo, Deglaze Image, Smart Step, …
NODESAnimation Builder (mtb), Any To String (mtb), Batch Float (mtb), Batch Float Assemble (mtb), Batch Float Fill (mtb), Batch Make (mtb), Batch Shape (mtb), Batch Transform (mtb), Bbox (mtb), Bbox From Mask (mtb), Blur (mtb), Color Correct (mtb), Colored Image (mtb), Concat Images (mtb), Crop (mtb), Debug (mtb), Deep Bump (mtb), Export With Ffmpeg (mtb), Face Swap (mtb), Film Interpolation (mtb), Fit Number (mtb), Float To Number (mtb), Get Batch From History (mtb), Image Compare (mtb), Image Premultiply (mtb), Image Remove Background Rembg (mtb), Image Resize Factor (mtb), Image Tile Offset (mtb), Int To Bool (mtb), Int To Number (mtb), Interpolate Clip Sequential (mtb), Latent Lerp (mtb), Load Face Analysis Model (mtb), Load Face Enhance Model (mtb), Load Face Swap Model (mtb), Load Film Model (mtb), Load Image From Url (mtb), Load Image Sequence (mtb), Mask To Image (mtb), Model Patch Seamless (mtb), Qr Code (mtb), Restore Face (mtb), Save Gif (mtb), Save Image Grid (mtb), Save Image Sequence (mtb), Save Tensors (mtb), Smart Step (mtb), Stack Images (mtb), String Replace (mtb), Styles Loader (mtb), Text To Image (mtb), Transform Image (mtb), Uncrop (mtb), Unsplash Image (mtb), Vae Decode (mtb)
72INFOxXAdonesXxNodeGPT of AutoGen inside ComfyUI. This repository is under development, and not everything is functioning correctly yet.
NODESAppendAgent, Assistant, Chat, ChatGPT, CombineInput, Conditioning, CostumeAgent_1, CostumeAgent_2, CostumeMaster_1, Critic, DisplayString, DisplayTextAsImage, Engineer, Executor, GroupChat, Image_generation_Conditioning, LM_Studio, Memory_Excel, Model_1, Ollama, Output2String, Planner, Scientist, TextCombine, TextGeneration, TextGenerator, TextInput, TextOutput, UserProxy, oobaboogaOpenAI
73INFORockOfFireComfyUI_Comfyroll_CustomNodes nodes for SDXL and SD1.5 including Multi-ControlNet, LoRA, Aspect Ratio, Process Switches, and many more nodes.
NODESCR Apply ControlNet, CR Apply LoRA Stack, CR Apply Model Merge, CR Apply Multi Upscale, CR Apply Multi-ControlNet, CR Aspect Ratio, CR Aspect Ratio SDXL, CR Batch Process Switch, CR Checker Pattern, CR Clip Input Switch, CR Color Bars, CR Color Gradient, CR Color Tint, CR Conditioning Input Switch, CR ControlNet Input Switch, CR Float To Integer, CR Float To String, CR Halftone Grid, CR Halftones, CR Hires Fix Process Switch, CR Image Input Switch, CR Image Input Switch (4 way), CR Image Output, CR Image Pipe Edit, CR Image Pipe In, CR Image Pipe Out, CR Image Size, CR Img2Img Process Switch, CR Index, CR Index Increment, CR Index Multiply, CR Index Reset, CR Integer Multiple, CR Integer To String, CR Latent Batch Size, CR Latent Input Switch, CR LoRA Stack, CR Load LoRA, CR Load XY Annotation From File, CR Model Input Switch, CR Model Merge Stack, CR Module Input, CR Module Output, CR Module Pipe Loader, CR Multi Upscale Stack, CR Multi-ControlNet Stack, CR Pipe Switch, CR Polygons, CR Process Switch, CR Prompt Text, CR SD1.5 Aspect Ratio, CR SDXL Aspect Ratio, CR SDXL Base Prompt Encoder, CR SDXL Prompt Mix Presets, CR SDXL Prompt Mixer, CR SDXL Style Text, CR Seed, CR Seed to Int, CR Split String, CR String To Combo, CR String To Number, CR Style Bars, CR Switch Model and CLIP, CR Text Input Switch, CR Text Input Switch (4 way), CR Text List To String, CR Trigger, CR Upscale Image, CR XY From Folder, CR XY Grid, CR XY Index, CR XY Interpolate, CR XY List, CR XY Save Grid Image, CR XYZ Index
74INFORockOfFireCR Animation Nodes comprehensive suite of nodes to enhance your animations. These nodes include some features similar to Deforum, and also some new ideas.
NODESCR Central Schedule, CR Combine Schedules, CR Current Frame, CR Cycle Images, CR Cycle Images Simple, CR Cycle LoRAs, CR Cycle Models, CR Cycle Text, CR Cycle Text Simple, CR Debatch Frames, CR Encode Scheduled Prompts, CR Gradient Float, CR Gradient Integer, CR Image List, CR Image List Simple, CR Increment Float, CR Increment Integer, CR Index Increment, CR Index Multiply, CR Index Reset, CR Input Text List, CR Interpolate Latents, CR Keyframe List, CR LoRA List, CR Load Animation Frames, CR Load Flow Frames, CR Load Prompt Style, CR Load Schedule From File, CR Load Scheduled LoRAs, CR Load Scheduled Models, CR Model List, CR Output Flow Frames, CR Output Schedule To File, CR Prompt List, CR Prompt List Keyframes, CR Prompt Scheduler, CR Prompt Text, CR Schedule Input Switch, CR Schedule To ScheduleList, CR Simple Prompt List, CR Simple Prompt List Keyframes, CR Simple Prompt Scheduler, CR Simple Schedule, CR Simple Text Scheduler, CR Simple Value Scheduler, CR String To Combo, CR Text List, CR Text List Simple, CR Text List To String, CR Text Scheduler, CR Value Scheduler
75INFObmad4everComfyUI-Bmad-DirtyUndoRedo extension that adds undo (and redo) functionality.
76INFObmad4everBmad Nodes custom node offers the following functionalities: API support for setting up API requests, computer vision primarily for masking or collages, and general utility to streamline workflow setup or implement essential missing features.
NODESAdaptiveThresholding, Add String To Many, AddAlpha, AdjustRect, AnyToAny, BoundingRect (contours), BuildColorRangeAdvanced (hsv), BuildColorRangeHSV (hsv), CLAHE, CLIPEncodeMultiple, CLIPEncodeMultipleAdvanced, ChameleonMask, CheckpointLoader (dirty), CheckpointLoaderSimple (dirty), Color (RGB), Color (hexadecimal), Color Clip, Color Clip (advanced), Color Clip ADE20k, ColorDictionary, CondList, Conditioning (combine multiple), Conditioning (combine selective), Conditioning Grid (cond), Conditioning Grid (string), Conditioning Grid (string) Advanced, Contour To Mask, Contours, ControlNetHadamard, ControlNetHadamard (manual), ConvertImg, CopyMakeBorder, CreateRequestMetadata, DistanceTransform, Draw Contour(s), EqualizeHistogram, FadeMaskEdges, Filter Contour, FindComplementaryColor, FindThreshold, FlatLatentsIntoSingleGrid, Framed Mask Grab Cut, Framed Mask Grab Cut 2, Get Contour from list, Get Models, Get Prompt, HypernetworkLoader (dirty), ImageBatchToImageList, InRange (hsv), Inpaint, Input/String to Int Array, KMeansColor, Load 64 Encoded Image, LoraLoader (dirty), MaskGrid N KSamplers Advanced, Merge Latent Batch Gridwise, MonoMerge, MorphologicOperation, MorphologicSkeletoning, OtsuThreshold, RGB to HSV, Rect Grab Cut, Repeat Into Grid (image), Repeat Into Grid (latent), RequestInputs, SampleColorHSV, Save Image (api), SeamlessClone, SeamlessClone (simple), SetRequestStateToComplete, String, String to Float, String to Integer, VAEEncodeBatch
77INFOFizzleDorfFizzNodes prompts, scheduled float/int values and wave function nodes for animations and utility. compatable with framesync and keyframe-string-generator for audio synced animations in Comfyui.
NODESAbsCosWave, AbsSinWave, BatchPromptSchedule, BatchPromptScheduleEncodeSDXL, BatchValueSchedule, CosWave, InvCosWave, InvSinWave, Lerp, PromptSchedule, PromptScheduleEncodeSDXL, PromptScheduleNodeFlow, PromptScheduleNodeFlowEnd, SawtoothWave, SinWave, SquareWave, StringSchedule, TriangleWave, ValueSchedule
78INFOFizzleDorfComfyUI-AIT ComfyUI implementation of Facebook Meta’s AITemplate repo for faster inference using cpp/cuda. This new repo is behind the old version but is a much more stable foundation to keep AIT online. Please be patient as the repo will eventually include the same features as before.
NOTE: You can find the old AIT extension in the legacy channel.
NODESAIT_Unet_Loader, AIT_VAE_Encode_Loader
79INFOfilipemenesesPixelization node that pixelizes images.
80INFOshiimizusmZNodes CLIP Text Encode++. Achieve identical embeddings from stable-diffusion-webui for ComfyUI.
NODESsmZ CLIPTextEncode, smZ Settings
81INFOZaneAImageReward ImageRewardLoader, ImageRewardScore
NODESImageRewardLoader, ImageRewardScore
82INFOSeargeDPSeargeSDXL nodes for easier use of SDXL in ComfyUI including an img2img workflow that utilizes both the base and refiner checkpoints.
NODESSeargeAdvancedParameters, SeargeCheckpointLoader, SeargeConditionMixing, SeargeConditioningMuxer2, SeargeConditioningMuxer5, SeargeConditioningParameters, SeargeControlnetAdapterV2, SeargeControlnetModels, SeargeCustomAfterUpscaling, SeargeCustomAfterVaeDecode, SeargeCustomPromptMode, SeargeDebugPrinter, SeargeEnablerInputs, SeargeFloatConstant, SeargeFloatMath, SeargeFloatPair, SeargeFreeU, SeargeGenerated1, SeargeGenerationParameters, SeargeHighResolution, SeargeImage2ImageAndInpainting, SeargeImageAdapterV2, SeargeImageSave, SeargeImageSaving, SeargeInput1, SeargeInput2, SeargeInput3, SeargeInput4, SeargeInput5, SeargeInput6, SeargeInput7, SeargeIntegerConstant, SeargeIntegerMath, SeargeIntegerPair, SeargeIntegerScaler, SeargeLatentMuxer3, SeargeLoraLoader, SeargeLoras, SeargeMagicBox, SeargeModelSelector, SeargeOperatingMode, SeargeOutput1, SeargeOutput2, SeargeOutput3, SeargeOutput4, SeargeOutput5, SeargeOutput6, SeargeOutput7, SeargeParameterProcessor, SeargePipelineStart, SeargePipelineTerminator, SeargePreviewImage, SeargePromptAdapterV2, SeargePromptCombiner, SeargePromptStyles, SeargePromptText, SeargeSDXLBasePromptEncoder, SeargeSDXLImage2ImageSampler, SeargeSDXLImage2ImageSampler2, SeargeSDXLPromptEncoder, SeargeSDXLRefinerPromptEncoder, SeargeSDXLSampler, SeargeSDXLSampler2, SeargeSDXLSamplerV3, SeargeSamplerAdvanced, SeargeSamplerInputs, SeargeSaveFolderInputs, SeargeSeparator, SeargeStylePreprocessor, SeargeTextInputV2, SeargeUpscaleModelLoader, SeargeUpscaleModels, SeargeVAELoader
83INFOcubiqSimple Math node for ComfyUI to perform simple math operations
NODESSimpleMath, SimpleMathDebug
84INFOcubiqComfyUI_IPAdapter_plus reference implementation for IPAdapter models. The code is mostly taken from the original IPAdapter repository and laksjdjf’s implementation, all credit goes to them. I just made the extension closer to ComfyUI philosophy.
NODESIPAdapterApply, IPAdapterApplyEncoded, IPAdapterEncoder, IPAdapterLoadEmbeds, IPAdapterModelLoader, IPAdapterSaveEmbeds, PrepImageForClipVision
85INFOshockz0rzInterpolateEverything Interpolate Poses, Interpolate Lineart, … Custom nodes for interpolating between, well, everything in the Stable Diffusion ComfyUI.
86INFOyolanotherComfy UI Prompt Agent Prompt Agent, Prompt Agent (String). This script provides a prompt agent node for the Comfy UI stable diffusion client.
NODESDTPromptAgent, DTPromptAgentString
87INFOyolanotherImage to Text Node Image URL to Text, Image to Text.
NODESDTAIImageToTextNode, DTAIImageUrlToTextNode
88INFOyolanotherComfy UI Online Loaders Submit Image (Parameters), Submit Image. A collection of loaders that use a shared common online data source rather than relying on the files to be present locally.
NODESDTCLIPLoader, DTCLIPVisionLoader, DTCheckpointLoader, DTCheckpointLoaderSimple, DTControlNetLoader, DTDiffControlNetLoader, DTDiffusersLoader, DTGLIGENLoader, DTLoadImage, DTLoadImageMask, DTLoadLatent, DTLoraLoader, DTLorasLoader, DTStyleModelLoader, DTUpscaleModelLoader, DTVAELoader, DTunCLIPCheckpointLoader
89INFOyolanotherComfy AI Image Sumission Node ComfyAI submit node to upload images to
NODESDTSimpleSubmitImage, DTSubmitImage
90INFOyolanotherComfy UI QR Codes extension introduces QR code nodes for the Comfy UI stable diffusion client. NOTE: ComfyUI qrcode extension required.
91INFOyolanotherVariables for Comfy UI String, Int, Float, Short String, CLIP Text Encode (With Variables), String Format, Short String Format. This extension introduces quality of life improvements by providing variable nodes and shared global variables.
NODESDTCLIPTextEncode, DTSingleLineStringVariable, DTSingleLineStringVariableNoClip, FloatVariable, IntVariable, StringFormat, StringFormatSingleLine, StringVariable
92INFOsipherxyzcomfyui-art-venture ImagesConcat, LoadImageFromUrl, AV_UploadImage
NODESAV_CheckpointMerge, AV_CheckpointModelsToParametersPipe, AV_CheckpointSave, AV_ControlNetEfficientLoader, AV_ControlNetEfficientLoaderAdvanced, AV_ControlNetEfficientStacker, AV_ControlNetEfficientStackerSimple, AV_ControlNetLoader, AV_ControlNetPreprocessor, AV_LoraListLoader, AV_LoraLoader, AV_ParametersPipeToCheckpointModels, AV_ParametersPipeToPrompts, AV_PromptsToParametersPipe, AV_SAMLoader, AV_UploadImage, AV_VAELoader, AspectRatioSelector, BLIPCaption, BLIPLoader, ColorBlend, ColorCorrect, DeepDanbooruCaption, DependenciesEdit, Fooocus_KSampler, Fooocus_KSamplerAdvanced, GetBoolFromJson, GetFloatFromJson, GetIntFromJson, GetObjectFromJson, GetSAMEmbedding, GetTextFromJson, ISNetLoader, ISNetSegment, ImageAlphaComposite, ImageApplyChannel, ImageExtractChannel, ImageGaussianBlur, ImageMuxer, ImageRepeat, ImageScaleDown, ImageScaleDownBy, ImageScaleDownToSize, ImageScaleToMegapixels, LaMaInpaint, LoadImageAsMaskFromUrl, LoadImageFromUrl, LoadJsonFromUrl, MergeModels, NumberScaler, OverlayInpaintedImage, OverlayInpaintedLatent, PrepareImageAndMaskForInpaint, QRCodeGenerator, RandomFloat, RandomInt, SAMEmbeddingToImage, SDXLAspectRatioSelector, SDXLPromptStyler, SeedSelector, StringToInt, StringToNumber
93INFOSOELexiconLexMSDBNodes MSSqlTableNode, MSSqlSelectNode. This extension provides custom nodes to interact with MSSQL.
NODESMSSqlSelectNode, MSSqlTableNode
94INFOpants007pants Make Square Node, Interrogate Node, TextEncodeAIO
NODESCLIPTextEncodeAIO, Image Make Square
95INFOevanspearmanComfyMath Math Nodes for ComfyUI. Boolean Logic, Integer Arithmetic, Floating Point Arithmetic and Functions, Vec2, Vec3, and Vec4 Arithmetic and Functions
NODESCM_BoolBinaryOperation, CM_BoolToInt, CM_BoolUnaryOperation, CM_BreakoutVec2, CM_BreakoutVec3, CM_BreakoutVec4, CM_ComposeVec2, CM_ComposeVec3, CM_ComposeVec4, CM_FloatBinaryCondition, CM_FloatBinaryOperation, CM_FloatToInt, CM_FloatToNumber, CM_FloatUnaryCondition, CM_FloatUnaryOperation, CM_IntBinaryCondition, CM_IntBinaryOperation, CM_IntToBool, CM_IntToFloat, CM_IntToNumber, CM_IntUnaryCondition, CM_IntUnaryOperation, CM_NearestSDXLResolution, CM_NumberBinaryCondition, CM_NumberBinaryOperation, CM_NumberToFloat, CM_NumberToInt, CM_NumberUnaryCondition, CM_NumberUnaryOperation, CM_SDXLResolution, CM_Vec2BinaryCondition, CM_Vec2BinaryOperation, CM_Vec2ScalarOperation, CM_Vec2ToScalarBinaryOperation, CM_Vec2ToScalarUnaryOperation, CM_Vec2UnaryCondition, CM_Vec2UnaryOperation, CM_Vec3BinaryCondition, CM_Vec3BinaryOperation, CM_Vec3ScalarOperation, CM_Vec3ToScalarBinaryOperation, CM_Vec3ToScalarUnaryOperation, CM_Vec3UnaryCondition, CM_Vec3UnaryOperation, CM_Vec4BinaryCondition, CM_Vec4BinaryOperation, CM_Vec4ScalarOperation, CM_Vec4ToScalarBinaryOperation, CM_Vec4ToScalarUnaryOperation, CM_Vec4UnaryCondition, CM_Vec4UnaryOperation
96INFOcivitaicomfy-nodes CivitAI_Loaders. Load Checkpoints, and LORA models directly from CivitAI API.
NODESCivitAI_Checkpoint_Loader, CivitAI_Lora_Loader
97INFOandersxaCLIP Directional Prompt Attention CLIP Directional Prompt Attention Encode. Direction prompt attention tries to solve the problem of contextual words (or parts of the prompt) having an effect on much later or irrelevant parts of the prompt.
98INFOArtVentureXAnimateDiff integration for ComfyUI, adapts from sd-webui-animatediff.

You only need to download one of mm_sd_v14.ckpt | mm_sd_v15.ckpt. Put the model weights under ComfyUI/custom_nodes/comfyui-animatediff/models. DO NOT change model filename.

NODESAnimateDiffCombine, AnimateDiffLoraLoader, AnimateDiffModuleLoader, AnimateDiffSampler, AnimateDiffSlidingWindowOptions, ImageSizeAndBatchSize, LoadVideo
99INFOtwriSDXL Prompt Styler Prompt Styler is a node that enables you to style prompts based on predefined templates stored in a JSON file.
NODESSDXLPromptStyler, SDXLPromptStylerAdvanced
100INFOwolfdenSDXL Prompt Styler (customized version by wolfden) custom nodes provide a variety of customized prompt stylers based on twri/SDXL Prompt Styler.
NODESSDXLPromptStylerAll, SDXLPromptStylerHorror, SDXLPromptStylerMisc, SDXLPromptStylerbyArtist, SDXLPromptStylerbyCamera, SDXLPromptStylerbyComposition, SDXLPromptStylerbyCyberpunkSurrealism, SDXLPromptStylerbyDepth, SDXLPromptStylerbyEnvironment, SDXLPromptStylerbyFantasySetting, SDXLPromptStylerbyFilter, SDXLPromptStylerbyFocus, SDXLPromptStylerbyImpressionism, SDXLPromptStylerbyLighting, SDXLPromptStylerbyMileHigh, SDXLPromptStylerbyMood, SDXLPromptStylerbyMythicalCreature, SDXLPromptStylerbyOriginal, SDXLPromptStylerbyQuantumRealism, SDXLPromptStylerbySteamPunkRealism, SDXLPromptStylerbySubject, SDXLPromptStylerbySurrealism, SDXLPromptStylerbyTheme, SDXLPromptStylerbyTimeofDay, SDXLPromptStylerbyWyvern, SDXLPromptbyCelticArt, SDXLPromptbyContemporaryNordicArt, SDXLPromptbyFashionArt, SDXLPromptbyGothicRevival, SDXLPromptbyIrishFolkArt, SDXLPromptbyRomanticNationalismArt, SDXLPromptbySportsArt, SDXLPromptbyStreetArt, SDXLPromptbyVikingArt, SDXLPromptbyWildlifeArt
101INFOwolfdenComfyUi_String_Function_Tree custom node provides the capability to manipulate multiple string inputs.
102INFOdaxthinfacedetailer Detailer is a custom node for the ‘ComfyUI’ framework inspired by !After Detailer extension from auto1111, it allows you to detect faces using Mediapipe and YOLOv8n to create masks for the detected faces.
103INFOasagi4ComfyUI prompt control for convenient prompt editing. The aim is to make basic generations in ComfyUI completely prompt-controllable.
NODESCondLinearInterpolate, ConditioningCutoff, EditableCLIPEncode, FilterSchedule, JinjaRender, LoRAScheduler, PCSplitSampling, PromptControlSimple, PromptToSchedule, ScheduleToCond, ScheduleToModel, SimpleWildcard, StringConcat
104INFOjamesWalker55ComfyUI – P2LDGAN Node P2LDGAN. This integrates P2LDGAN into ComfyUI. P2LDGAN extracts lineart from input images.

To use this extension, you need to download the p2ldgan model and save it in the ComfyUI/custom_nodes/comfyui-p2ldgan/checkpoints directory.

105INFOjamesWalker55Various ComfyUI Nodes by Type JWInteger, JWFloat, JWString, JWImageLoadRGB, JWImageResize, …
106INFOadieyalDynamicPrompts Custom Nodes Random Prompts, Combinatorial Prompts, I’m Feeling Lucky, Magic Prompt, Jinja2 Templates. ComfyUI-DynamicPrompts is a custom nodes library that integrates into your existing ComfyUI Library. It provides nodes that enable the use of Dynamic Prompts in your ComfyUI.
NODESDPCombinatorialGenerator, DPFeelingLucky, DPJinja, DPMagicPrompt, DPOutput, DPRandomGenerator
107INFOmihaiiancumihaiiancu/Inpaint InpaintMediapipe. This node provides a simple interface to inpaint.
108INFOkwaroranabg-comfyui Remove Image Background (abg). A Anime Background Remover node for comfyui, based on this hf space, works same as AGB extention in automatic1111.
NODESRemove Image Background (abg)
109INFObash-jMikey Nodes Prompt With Style, Prompt With SDXL, Resize Image for SDXL, Save Image With Prompt Data, HaldCLUT, Empty Latent Ratio Select/Custom SDXL
NODESAddMetaData, Batch Crop Image, Batch Crop Resize Inplace, Batch Load Images, Batch Resize Image for SDXL, Empty Latent Ratio Custom SDXL, Empty Latent Ratio Select SDXL, FileNamePrefix, Float to String, HaldCLUT, Image Caption, ImageBorder, ImagePaste, Int to String, LoraSyntaxProcessor, Mikey Sampler, Mikey Sampler Base Only, Mikey Sampler Base Only Advanced, Mikey Sampler Tiled, Mikey Sampler Tiled Base Only, MikeySamplerTiledAdvanced, PresetRatioSelector, Prompt With SDXL, Prompt With Style, Prompt With Style V2, Prompt With Style V3, Range Float, Range Integer, Ratio Advanced, Resize Image for SDXL, Save Image If True, Save Image With Prompt Data, Save Images Mikey, Save Images No Display, SaveMetaData, SearchAndReplace, Seed String, Style Conditioner, Style Conditioner Base Only, Text2InputOr3rdOption, TextCombinations, TextCombinations3, Upscale Tile Calculator, Wildcard Processor, WildcardAndLoraSyntaxProcessor
110INFOfailfa.stfailfast-comfyui-extensions color customization, custom colors, dot reroutes, link rendering options, straight lines, group freezing, node pinning, automated arrangement of nodes, copy image
111INFOPfaeffpfaeff-comfyui AstropulsePixelDetector, BackgroundRemover, ImagePadForBetterOutpaint, InpaintingPipelineLoader, Inpainting, …
NODESAstropulsePixelDetector, BackgroundRemover, ImagePadForBetterOutpaint, Inpainting, InpaintingPipelineLoader
112INFOwallish77wlsh_nodes Checkpoint Loader with Name, Save Prompt Info, Outpaint to Image, CLIP Positive-Negative, SDXL Quick Empty Latent, Empty Latent by Ratio, Time String, SDXL Steps, SDXL Resolutions …
NODESAlternating KSampler (WLSH), Build Filename String (WLSH), CLIP Positive-Negative (WLSH), CLIP Positive-Negative XL (WLSH), CLIP Positive-Negative XL w/Text (WLSH), CLIP Positive-Negative w/Text (WLSH), Checkpoint Loader w/Name (WLSH), Empty Latent by Pixels (WLSH), Empty Latent by Ratio (WLSH), Empty Latent by Size (WLSH), Generate Border Mask (WLSH), Grayscale Image (WLSH), Image Load with Metadata (WLSH), Image Save with Prompt (WLSH), Image Save with Prompt File (WLSH), Image Save with Prompt/Info (WLSH), Image Save with Prompt/Info File (WLSH), Image Scale By Factor (WLSH), KSamplerAdvanced (WLSH), Multiply Integer (WLSH), Outpaint to Image (WLSH), Quick Resolution Multiply (WLSH), Resolutions by Ratio (WLSH), SDXL Quick Empty Latent (WLSH), SDXL Quick Image Scale (WLSH), SDXL Resolutions (WLSH), SDXL Steps (WLSH), Save Positive Prompt(WLSH), Save Prompt (WLSH), Save Prompt/Info (WLSH), Seed and Int (WLSH), Seed to Number (WLSH), Simple Pattern Replace (WLSH), Simple String Combine (WLSH), Time String (WLSH), Upscale by Factor with Model (WLSH), VAE Encode for Inpaint w/Padding (WLSH)
113INFOKosinkadinkComfyUI-Advanced-ControlNet ControlNetLoaderAdvanced, DiffControlNetLoaderAdvanced, ScaledSoftControlNetWeights, SoftControlNetWeights, CustomControlNetWeights, SoftT2IAdapterWeights, CustomT2IAdapterWeights
NODESACN_AdvancedControlNetApply, ControlNetLoaderAdvanced, CustomControlNetWeights, CustomT2IAdapterWeights, DiffControlNetLoaderAdvanced, LatentKeyframe, LatentKeyframeBatchedGroup, LatentKeyframeGroup, LatentKeyframeTiming, LoadImagesFromDirectory, ScaledSoftControlNetWeights, SoftControlNetWeights, SoftT2IAdapterWeights, TimestepKeyframe
114INFOKosinkadinkAnimateDiff Evolved forked repository that actively maintains AnimateDiff, created by ArtVentureX.

Improved AnimateDiff integration for ComfyUI, adapts from sd-webui-animatediff.

Download one or more motion models from Original Models | Finetuned Models. See README for additional model links and usage. Put the model weights under ComfyUI/custom_nodes/ComfyUI-AnimateDiff-Evolved/models. You are free to rename the models, but keeping original names will ease use when sharing your workflow.

NODESADE_AnimateDiffCombine, ADE_AnimateDiffLoRALoader, ADE_AnimateDiffLoaderV1Advanced, ADE_AnimateDiffLoaderWithContext, ADE_AnimateDiffUniformContextOptions, ADE_AnimateDiffUnload, ADE_EmptyLatentImageLarge, AnimateDiffLoaderV1, CheckpointLoaderSimpleWithNoiseSelect
115INFOKosinkadinkComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite VHS_VideoCombine. Nodes related to video workflows
NODESVHS_DuplicateImages, VHS_DuplicateLatents, VHS_GetImageCount, VHS_GetLatentCount, VHS_LoadImages, VHS_LoadImagesPath, VHS_LoadVideo, VHS_LoadVideoPath, VHS_MergeImages, VHS_MergeLatents, VHS_OutVideoInfo, VHS_SelectEveryNthImage, VHS_SelectEveryNthLatent, VHS_SplitImages, VHS_SplitLatents, VHS_UploadVideo, VHS_VideoCombine
116INFOGourieffReActor Node 0.1.0 for ComfyUI Fast and Simple ‘roop-like’ Face Swap Extension Node for ComfyUI, based on ReActor (ex Roop-GE) SD-WebUI Face Swap Extension
117INFOimb101FaceSwap Very basic custom node to enable face swapping in ComfyUI. (roop)
118INFOChaoses-IbComfyUI_Ib_CustomNodes LoadImageFromPath. Load Image From Path loads the image from the source path and does not have such problems.
119INFOAIrjenOne Button Prompt Button Prompt has a prompt generation node for beginners who have problems writing a good prompt, or advanced users who want to get inspired. It generates an entire prompt from scratch. It is random, but controlled. You simply load up the script and press generate, and let it surprise you.
NODESCreatePromptVariant, OneButtonPrompt, SavePromptToFile
120INFOcoreyryanhansonComfyQR generation within ComfyUI. Contains nodes suitable for workflows from generating basic QR images to techniques with advanced QR masking.
NODEScomfy-qr-by-image-size, comfy-qr-by-module-size, comfy-qr-by-module-split, comfy-qr-mask_errors
121INFOcoreyryanhansonComfyQR-scanning-nodes set of ComfyUI nodes to quickly test generated QR codes for scannability. A companion project to ComfyQR.
NODEScomfy-qr-read, comfy-qr-validate
122INFOdimtoneffComfyUI PixelArt Detector node manipulates the pixel art image in ways that it should look pixel perfect (downscales, changes palette, upscales etc.).
NODESPixelArtDetectorConverter, PixelArtDetectorSave, PixelArtDetectorToImage, PixelArtLoadPalettes
123INFOdimtoneffEagle PNGInfo EagleImageNode
NODESEagleImageNode, SDXLPromptStyler, SDXLPromptStylerAdvanced, SDXLResolutionPresets
124INFOtheUpsiderStyles CSV Loader Extension for ComfyUI extension allows users to load styles from a CSV file, primarily for migration purposes from the automatic1111 Stable Diffusion web UI.
NODESLoad Styles CSV
125INFOM1kepComfy_KepListStuff Range(Step), Range(Num Steps), List Length, Image Overlay, Stack Images, Empty Images, Join Image Lists, Join Float Lists. This extension provides various list manipulation nodes
NODESEmpty Images, Image Overlay, ImageListLoader, Join Float Lists, Join Image Lists, KepStringList, KepStringListFromNewline, Kep_JoinListAny, Kep_RepeatList, Kep_ReverseList, Kep_VariableImageBuilder, List Length, Range(Num Steps) – Float, Range(Num Steps) – Int, Range(Step) – Float, Range(Step) – Int, Stack Images, XYAny, XYImage
126INFOM1kepComfyLiterals Int, Float, String, Operation, Checkpoint
NODESCheckpoint, Float, Int, Operation, String
127INFOM1kepKepPromptLang Build Gif, Special CLIP Loader. It offers various manipulation capabilities for the internal operations of the prompt.
NODESBuild Gif, Special CLIP Loader
128INFOM1kepComfy_KepMatteAnything extension provides a custom node that allows the use of Matte Anything in ComfyUI.
NODESMatteAnything_DinoBoxes, MatteAnything_GenerateVITMatte, MatteAnything_InitSamPredictor, MatteAnything_LoadDINO, MatteAnything_LoadVITMatteModel, MatteAnything_SAMLoader, MatteAnything_SAMMaskFromBoxes, MatteAnything_ToTrimap
129INFOM1kepComfy_KepKitchenSink KepRotateImage
130INFOuarefansComfyUI-Fans Fans Styler (Max 10 Style), Fans Text Concat (Until 10 text).
NODESFans Prompt Styler Negative, Fans Prompt Styler Positive, Fans Styler, Fans Text Concatenate
131INFONicholasMcCarthyComfyUI_TravelSuite custom nodes to apply various latent travel techniques.
132INFOManglerFTWComfyI2I set of custom nodes to perform image 2 image functions in ComfyUI.
NODESColor Transfer, Combine and Paste, Inpaint Segments, Mask Ops
133INFOtheUpsiderComfyUI-Logic extension to ComfyUI that introduces logic nodes and conditional rendering capabilities.
NODESCompare, DebugPrint, If ANY execute A else B, Int, String
134INFOtkoenig89Load Image with metadata custom node for comfy ui to read generation data from images (prompt, seed, size…). This could be used when upscaling generated images to use the original prompt and seed.
135INFOmpiquero7164SaveImgPrompt a png or jpeg and option to save prompt/workflow in a text or json file for each image in Comfy + Workflow loading.
NODESSave IMG Prompt
136INFOm-sokesComfyUI Sokes Nodes Empty Latent Randomizer (9 Inputs)
NODESCustom Date Format | sokes 🦬, Latent Switch x9 | sokes 🦬
137INFOExtraltodeusnoise latent perlinpinpin NoisyLatentPerlin. This allows to create latent spaces filled with perlin-based noise that can actually be used by the samplers.
138INFOJPSJPS Custom Nodes for ComfyUI SDXL – Resolutions, SDXL – Basic Settings, SDXL – Additional Settings, Math – Resolution Multiply, Math – Largest Integer, Switch – TXT2IMG & IMG2IMG
NODESConditioning Switch (JPS), ControlNet Switch (JPS), Crop Image Square (JPS), Crop Image TargetSize (JPS), Disable Enable Switch (JPS), Enable Disable Switch (JPS), Generation Settings (JPS), Generation Settings Pipe (JPS), Generation TXT IMG Settings (JPS), Get Date Time String (JPS), Get Image Size (JPS), IP Adapter Settings (JPS), IP Adapter Settings Pipe (JPS), Image Switch (JPS), Images Masks MultiPipe (JPS), Integer Switch (JPS), Largest Int (JPS), Latent Switch (JPS), Lora Loader (JPS), Model Switch (JPS), Multiply Float Float (JPS), Multiply Int Float (JPS), Multiply Int Int (JPS), Resolution Multiply (JPS), Revision Settings (JPS), Revision Settings Pipe (JPS), SDXL Basic Settings (JPS), SDXL Basic Settings Pipe (JPS), SDXL Fundamentals MultiPipe (JPS), SDXL Prompt Handling (JPS), SDXL Prompt Handling Plus (JPS), SDXL Prompt Styler (JPS), SDXL Recommended Resolution Calc (JPS), SDXL Resolutions (JPS), Sampler Scheduler Settings (JPS), Substract Int Int (JPS), Text Concatenate (JPS), VAE Switch (JPS)
139INFOhustillehus’ utils for ComfyUI nodes primarily for seed and filename generation
NODES3way Prompt Styler, Batch State, Date Time Format, Debug Extra, Fetch widget value, Text Hash
140INFOhustilleComfyUI_Fooocus_KSampler KSampler With Refiner (Fooocus). The KSampler from Fooocus as a ComfyUI node

NOTE: This patches basic ComfyUI behaviour – don’t use together with other samplers. Or perhaps do? Other samplers might profit from those changes … ymmv.

NODESKSampler With Refiner (Fooocus)
141INFObadjeffLoRA Tag Loader for ComfyUI ComfyUI custom node to read LoRA tag(s) from text and load it into checkpoint model.
142INFOrgthreergthree’s ComfyUi Nodes Seed, Reroute, Context, Lora Loader Stack, Context Switch, Fast Muter. These custom nodes helps organize the building of complex workflows.
143INFOAIGODLIKEAIGODLIKE-COMFYUI-TRANSLATION provides language settings. (Contribution from users of various languages is needed due to the support for each language.)
144INFOsyllebraBilboX’s ComfyUI Custom Nodes BilboX’s PromptGeek Photo Prompt. This provides a convenient way to compose photorealistic prompts into ComfyUI.
NODESBilboXLut, BilboXPhotoPrompt, BilboXVignette
145INFOGirish GopaulSave Image with Generation Metadata the tools you need to save images with their generation metadata on ComfyUI. Compatible with Civitai & Prompthero geninfo auto-detection. Works with png, jpeg and webp.
NODESCfg Literal, Checkpoint Selector, Int Literal, Sampler Selector, Save Image w/Metadata, Scheduler Selector, Seed Generator, String Literal, Width/Height Literal
146INFOshingo1228ComfyUI-send-Eagle(slim) Webp Image to Eagle. This is an extension node for ComfyUI that allows you to send generated images in webp format to Eagle. This extension node is a re-implementation of the Eagle linkage functions of the previous ComfyUI-send-Eagle node, focusing on the functions required for this node.
NODESSend Webp Image to Eagle
147INFOshingo1228ComfyUI-SDXL-EmptyLatentImage Empty Latent Image. An extension node for ComfyUI that allows you to select a resolution from the pre-defined json files and output a Latent Image.
NODESSDXL Empty Latent Image
148INFOlaksjdjfIPAdapter-ComfyUI IPAdapter. This custom nodes provides loader of the IP-Adapter model.

NOTE: To use this extension node, you need to download the ip-adapter_sd15.bin file and place it in the custom_nodes/IPAdapter-ComfyUI/models directory. Additionally, you need to download the ‘Clip vision model’ from the ‘Install models’ menu as well.

NODESIPAdapter, ImageCrop
149INFOlaksjdjfpfg-ComfyUI version of (To use this extension, you need to download the required model file from Install Models)
150INFOlaksjdjfattention-couple-ComfyUI couple. This is a custom node that manipulates region-specific prompts. While vanilla ComfyUI employs an area specification method based on latent couples, this node divides regions using attention layers within UNet.
NODESAttention couple
151INFOlaksjdjfcd-tuner_negpip-ComfyUI CDTuner, Apply Negapip. This extension provides the CD(Color/Detail) Tuner and the Negative Prompt in the Promptfeatures.
NODESCDTuner, Negapip, Negpip
152INFOlaksjdjfLoRA-Merger-ComfyUI LoRA Weight Only, Load LoRA from Weight, Merge LoRA, Save LoRA. This extension provides nodes for merging LoRA.
NODESLoraLoaderFromWeight, LoraLoaderWeightOnly, LoraMerge, LoraSave
154INFOmeap158GPU temperature protection image generation when GPU temperature exceeds threshold.
155INFOmeap158ComfyUI-Prompt-Expansion prompt expansion, powered by GPT-2 locally on your device.
156INFOTeaCrabComfyUI-TeaNodes, TC_SizeApproximation, TC_ImageResize, TC_ImageScale, TC_ColorFill.
NODESTC_ColorFill, TC_EqualizeCLAHE, TC_ImageResize, TC_ImageScale, TC_MaskBG_DIS, TC_SizeApproximation
158INFObradsecResolutionSelector for ComfyUI
159INFOkohya-ssControlNet-LLLite-ComfyUI LLLiteLoader
160INFOjjkramhoeftComfyUI-Jjk-Nodes SDXLRecommendedImageSize, JjkText, JjkShowText, JjkConcat. A set of custom nodes for ComfyUI – focused on text and parameter utility
NODESJjkConcat, JjkShowText, JjkText, SDXLRecommendedImageSize
161INFOdagthomasSDXL Auto Prompter prompting for generation of endless random art pieces and photographs!
NODESCSL, CSVPromptGenerator, PromptGenerator
162INFOmarhensaRecommended Resolution Calculator your desired output final resolution, it will automaticaly set the initial recommended SDXL ratio/size and its Upscale Factor to reach that output final resolution, also there’s an option for 2x/4x reverse Upscale Factor. These all to avoid using bad/arbitary initial ratio/resolution.
163INFONuked88ComfyUI-N-Nodes suite of custom nodes for ComfyUI, for now i just put Integer, string and float variable nodes.
NODESDynamicPrompt, Float Variable, FrameInterpolator, GPT Loader Simple, GPTSampler, Integer Variable, LoadFramesFromFolder, LoadVideo, SaveVideo, SetMetadataForSaveVideo, String Variable
164INFOExtraltodeusLoadLoraWithTags Save/Load trigger words for loras from a json and auto fetch them on civitai if they are missing.
165INFOrichinsleyComfy-LFO, LFO_Sine, SawtoothNode, SquareNode, PulseNode. ComfyUI custom nodes to create Low Frequency Oscillators.
NODESLFO_Pulse, LFO_Sawtooth, LFO_Sine, LFO_Square, LFO_Triangle
166INFOBeinseziibsz-cui-extras extension consists of auxiliary nodes for automatic calculation of latent sizes, an all-in-one node for SDXL’s t2i, i2i, and scaling/hiresfix, and nodes capable of loading the Pixelbuster library.

NOTE:Currently, the Pixelbuster library includes libraries for Windows and Linux environments by default. For other environments such as OSX, you will need to build and use Pixelbuster directly from here.

NODESBSZAbsoluteHires, BSZAspectHires, BSZColoredLatentImageXL, BSZCombinedHires, BSZLatentDebug, BSZLatentFill, BSZLatentOffsetXL, BSZLatentRGBAImage, BSZPixelbuster, BSZPixelbusterHelp, BSZPrincipledSDXL, BSZPrincipledScale
167INFOyouyegittdxh_node_comfyui, TdxhImageToSizeAdvanced, TdxhLoraLoader, TdxhIntInput, TdxhFloatInput, TdxhStringInput. Some nodes for stable diffusion comfyui. Sometimes it helps conveniently to use less nodes for doing the same things.
NODESTdxhBoolNumber, TdxhClipVison, TdxhControlNetApply, TdxhControlNetProcessor, TdxhFloatInput, TdxhImageToSize, TdxhImageToSizeAdvanced, TdxhImg2ImgLatent, TdxhIntInput, TdxhLoraLoader, TdxhOnOrOff, TdxhReference, TdxhStringInput, TdxhStringInputTranslator
168INFOSxelaComfyWarp, LoadFrame
NODESExtractOpticalFlow, LoadFrame, LoadFrameFromDataset, LoadFrameSequence, MakeFrameDataset, OffsetNumber, WarpFrame
169INFOskfooComfyUI-Coziness Loader, Lora Text Extractor. Provides a node for assisting in loading loras through text.
NODESLoraTextExtractor-b1f83aa2, MultiLoraLoader-70bf3d77
170INFOYOUR-WORST-TACOComfyUI-TacoNodes, TacoAnimatedLoader, TacoImg2ImgAnimatedLoader, TacoGifMaker.
NODESExample, TacoAnimatedLoader, TacoGifMaker, TacoImg2ImgAnimatedLoader, TacoImg2ImgAnimatedProcessor, TacoLatent
171INFOLercCanvas Tab extension provides a full page image editor with mask support. There are two nodes, one to receive images from the editor and one to send images to the editor.
NODESCanvas_Tab, Send_To_Editor
172INFOTtlComfyUI Neural network latent upscale custom node custom ComfyUI node designed for rapid latent upscaling using a compact neural network, eliminating the need for VAE-based decoding and encoding.
173INFOGeLi1989roop nodes for ComfyUI nodes for the roop A1111 webui script. NOTE: Need to download model to use this node.
174INFOsproLatent Mirror node for ComfyUI Latent Mirror. Node to mirror a latent along the Y (vertical / left to right) or X (horizontal / top to bottom) axis.
175INFOTropfchenEmbedding Picker of forgetting and misspelling often weird names of embeddings you use? Or perhaps you use only one, cause you forgot you have tens of them installed?
176INFOAclyComfyUI Nodes for External Tooling Load Image (Base64), Load Mask (Base64), Send Image (WebSocket), Crop Image, Apply Mask to Image. Provides nodes geared towards using ComfyUI as a backend for external tools.
NODESETN_ApplyMaskToImage, ETN_CropImage, ETN_LoadImageBase64, ETN_LoadMaskBase64, ETN_SendImageWebSocket
177INFOpicturesonpicturescomfy_PoP collection of custom nodes for ComfyUI. Includes a quick canny edge detection node with unconventional settings, simple LoRA stack nodes for workflow efficiency, and a customizable aspect ratio node.
NODESAdaptiveCannyDetector_PoP, AnyAspectRatio, ConditioningMultiplier_PoP, ConditioningNormalizer_PoP, LoadImageResizer_PoP, LoraStackLoader10_PoP, LoraStackLoader_PoP, VAEDecoderPoP, VAEEncoderPoP
178INFODream ProjectDream Project Animation Nodes extension offers various nodes that are useful for Deforum-like animations in ComfyUI.
NODESAnalyze Palette [Dream], Beat Curve [Dream], Big Float Switch [Dream], Big Image Switch [Dream], Big Int Switch [Dream], Big Latent Switch [Dream], Big Palette Switch [Dream], Big Text Switch [Dream], Boolean To Float [Dream], Boolean To Int [Dream], Build Prompt [Dream], CSV Curve [Dream], CSV Generator [Dream], Calculation [Dream], Common Frame Dimensions [Dream], Compare Palettes [Dream], FFMPEG Video Encoder [Dream], File Count [Dream], Finalize Prompt [Dream], Float Input [Dream], Float to Log Entry [Dream], Frame Count Calculator [Dream], Frame Counter (Directory) [Dream], Frame Counter (Simple) [Dream], Frame Counter Info [Dream], Frame Counter Offset [Dream], Frame Counter Time Offset [Dream], Image Brightness Adjustment [Dream], Image Color Shift [Dream], Image Contrast Adjustment [Dream], Image Motion [Dream], Image Sequence Blend [Dream], Image Sequence Loader [Dream], Image Sequence Saver [Dream], Image Sequence Tweening [Dream], Int Input [Dream], Int to Log Entry [Dream], Laboratory [Dream], Linear Curve [Dream], Log Entry Joiner [Dream], Log File [Dream], Noise from Area Palettes [Dream], Noise from Palette [Dream], Palette Color Align [Dream], Palette Color Shift [Dream], Sample Image Area as Palette [Dream], Sample Image as Palette [Dream], Saw Curve [Dream], Sine Curve [Dream], Smooth Event Curve [Dream], String Input [Dream], String Tokenizer [Dream], String to Log Entry [Dream], Text Input [Dream], Triangle Curve [Dream], Triangle Event Curve [Dream], Video Encoder (mpegCoder) [Dream], WAV Curve [Dream]
179INFOseanlynchComfyUI Optical Flow package contains three nodes to help you compute optical flow between pairs of images, usually adjacent frames in a video, visualize the flow, and apply the flow to another image of the same dimensions. Most of the code is from Deforum, so this is released under the same license (MIT).
NODESApply optical flow, Compute optical flow, Visualize optical flow
180INFOealkanatComfyUI Easy Padding Easy Padding is a simple custom ComfyUI node that helps you to add padding to images on ComfyUI.
181INFOArtBot2023Character Face Swap face swap with LoRA and embeddings.
NODESColor Blend, Crop Face, Exclude Facial Feature, Generation Parameter Input, Generation Parameter Output, Image Full BBox, Load BiseNet, Load RetinaFace, Mask Contour, Segment Face, Uncrop Face
182INFOmav-rikFacerestore CF (Code Former) is a copy of facerestore custom node with a bit of a change to support CodeFormer Fidelity parameter. These ComfyUI nodes can be used to restore faces in images similar to the face restore option in AUTOMATIC1111 webui.
NOTE: To use this node, you need to download the face restoration model and face detection model from the ‘Install models’ menu.
NODESCropFace, FaceRestoreCFWithModel, FaceRestoreModelLoader
183INFObraintaclesbraintacles-nodes CLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Multi-IO, CLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Pipe, Empty Latent Image from Aspect-Ratio, Random Find and Replace.
NODESCLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Multi-IO, CLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Pipe, Empty Latent Image from Aspect-Ratio, Random Find and Replace, VAE Decode Pipe, VAE Decode Tiled Pipe, VAE Encode Pipe, VAE Encode Tiled Pipe
184INFOhayden-frComfyUI-Model-Manager models: browsing, donwload and delete.
185INFOali1234comfyui-job-iterator iteration over sequences within a single workflow run.

NOTE: This node replaces the execution of ComfyUI for iterative processing functionality.

186INFOjmklComfyUI Ricing custom user.css and some script stuff. mainly for web interface.
187INFObudihartonoOtonx’s Custom Nodes OTX Multiple Values, OTX KSampler Feeder. This extension provides custom nodes for ComfyUI created for personal projects. Made available for reference. Nodes may be updated or changed intermittently or not at all. Review & test before use.
NODESOTX Integer Multiple Inputs 4, OTX Integer Multiple Inputs 5, OTX Integer Multiple Inputs 6, OTX KSampler Feeder, OTX Versatile Multiple Inputs 4, OTX Versatile Multiple Inputs 5, OTX Versatile Multiple Inputs 6
188INFOramymaA8R8 ComfyUI Nodes Base64Image Input Node, Base64Image Output Node. A8R8 supporting nodes to integrate with ComfyUI
NODESBase64ImageInput, Base64ImageOutput
189INFOspinagonSeamless tiling Node for ComfyUI for generating almost seamless textures, based on similar setting from A1111.
NODESCircularVAEDecode, MakeCircularVAE, OffsetImage, SeamlessTile
190INFOBiffMunkyEndless ️🌊✨ Nodes small set of nodes I created for various numerical and text inputs. Features image saver with ability to have JSON saved to separate folder, parameter collection nodes, two aesthetic scoring models, switches for text and numbers, and conversion of string to numeric and vice versa.
NODESESS Aesthetic Scoring, ESS Aesthetic Scoring Auto, ESS Combo Parameterizer, ESS Combo Parameterizer & Prompts, ESS Eight Input Random, ESS Eight Input Text Switch, ESS Float to Integer, ESS Float to Number, ESS Float to String, ESS Float to X, ESS Global Envoy, ESS Image Reward, ESS Image Reward Auto, ESS Image Saver with JSON, ESS Integer to Float, ESS Integer to Number, ESS Integer to String, ESS Integer to X, ESS Number to Float, ESS Number to Integer, ESS Number to String, ESS Number to X, ESS Parameterizer, ESS Parameterizer & Prompts, ESS Six Input Random, ESS Six Input Text Switch, ESS Six Integer IO Switch, ESS Six Integer IO Widget, ESS String to Float, ESS String to Integer, ESS String to Num, ESS String to X, ♾️🌊✨ Image Saver with JSON
191INFOspacepxlComfyUI-HQ-Image-Save Image Save nodes for TIFF 16 bit and EXR 32 bit formats. Probably only useful if you’re applying a LUT or other color corrections, and care about preserving as much color accuracy as possible.
NODESLoadLatentEXR, SaveEXR, SaveLatentEXR, SaveTiff
192INFOPTAauto nodes layout ComfyUI extension to apply better nodes layout algorithm to ComfyUI workflow (mostly for visualization purpose)
193INFOreceyukicomfyui-prompt-reader-node node version of the SD Prompt Reader.
NODESSDParameterGenerator, SDPromptMerger, SDPromptReader, SDPromptSaver, SDTypeConverter
194INFOrklaffehnrk-comfy-nodes RK_CivitAIMetaChecker, RK_CivitAIAddHashes.
NODESRK_CivitAIAddHashes, RK_CivitAIMetaChecker
195INFOcubiqComfyUI Essentials nodes that are weirdly missing from ComfyUI core. With few exceptions they are new features and not commodities. I hope this will be just a temporary repository until the nodes get included into ComfyUI.
NODESConsoleDebug+, GetImageSize+, ImageCASharpening+, ImageCrop+, ImageDesaturate+, ImageFlip+, ImagePosterize+, ImageResize+, MaskBlur+, MaskFlip+, MaskPreview+, ModelCompile+, SimpleMath+
196INFOClybiusComfyUI-Latent-Modifiers Latent Diffusion Mega Modifier. ComfyUI nodes which modify the latent during the diffusion process. (Sharpness, Tonemap, Rescale, Extra Noise)
NODESLatent Diffusion Mega Modifier
197INFOmcmonkeyprojectsStable Diffusion Dynamic Thresholding (CFG Scale Fix) for StableSwarmUI, ComfyUI, and AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI that enables a way to use higher CFG Scales without color issues. This works by clamping latents between steps.
NODESDynamicThresholdingFull, DynamicThresholdingSimple
198INFOTropfchenYARS: Yet Another Resolution Selector slightly different Resolution Selector node, allowing to freely change base resolution and aspect ratio, with options to maintain the pixel count or use the base resolution as the highest or lowest dimension.
199INFOchrisgoringeVariation seeds KSampler custom nodes with variation seed and variation strength.
NODESHijack, KSampler Advanced with Variations, KSampler with Variations, UnHijack
200INFOchrisgoringeImage chooser custom node that pauses the flow while you choose which image (or latent) to pass on to the rest of the workflow.
NODESPreview Chooser, Preview Chooser Fabric
201INFOchrisgoringeUse Everywhere (UE Nodes) set of nodes that allow data to be ‘broadcast’ to some or all unconnected inputs. Greatly reduces link spaghetti.
NODESSeed Everywhere
202INFOchrisgoringePrompt Info Info
203INFOTGu-97TGu Utilities MPN Switch, MPN Reroute, PN Switch. This is a set of custom nodes for ComfyUI. Mainly focus on control switches.
NODESMPNReroute, MPNSwitch, PNSwitch
204INFOseanlynchSRL’s nodes SRL Conditional Interrupt, SRL Format String, SRL Eval, SRL Filter Image List. This is a collection of nodes I find useful. Note that at least one module allows execution of arbitrary code. Do not use any of these nodes on a system that allow untrusted users to control workflows or inputs.

WARNING: The custom nodes in this extension are vulnerable to security risks because they allow the execution of arbitrary code through the workflow

NODESSRL Conditional Interrrupt, SRL Eval, SRL Filter Image List, SRL Format String
205INFOalpertunga-bileprompt-generator AI prompt generator node for ComfyUI.
NODESPrompt Generator
206INFOmlinmgLaMa Preprocessor [WIP] LaMa prerocessor for ComfyUI. This preprocessor finally enable users to generate coherent inpaint and outpaint prompt-free. The best results are given on landscapes, not so much in drawings/animation.
NODESLaMaPreprocessor, lamaPreprocessor
207INFOazazeal04ComfyUI-Styles, Fantasy_Styler, Gothic_Styler, Line_Art_Styler, Movie_Poster_Styler, Punk_Styler, Travel_Poster_Styler. This extension offers 8 art style nodes, each of which includes approximately 50 individual style variations.
208INFOkijaiKJNodes for ComfyUI quality of life -nodes for ComfyUI, mostly just visual stuff to improve usability.
NODESColorToMask, ConditioningMultiCombine, ConditioningSetMaskAndCombine, ConditioningSetMaskAndCombine3, ConditioningSetMaskAndCombine4, CreateAudioMask, CreateFadeMask, CreateFluidMask, CreateGradientMask, CreateTextMask, GrowMaskWithBlur, INTConstant, VRAM_Debug
209INFOhhhzzyangComfyui-Lama LamaaModelLoad, LamaApply, YamlConfigLoader. a costumer node is realized to remove anything/inpainting anything from a picture by mask inpainting.

WARN:This extension includes the entire model, which can result in a very long initial installation time, and there may be some compatibility issues with older dependencies and ComfyUI.

NODESLamaApply, LamaModelLoader, YamlConfigLoader
210INFOthedyzeSave Image Extended for ComfyUI the information saved in file- and folder names. Use the values of sampler parameters as part of file or folder names. Save your positive & negative prompt as entries in a JSON (text) file, in each folder.
211INFOSOELexiconComfyUI-LexTools is a Python-based image processing and analysis toolkit that uses machine learning models for semantic image segmentation, image scoring, and image captioning.
NODESAgeClassifierNode, ArtOrHumanClassifierNode, DocumentClassificationNode, FoodCategoryClassifierNode, ImageAspectPadNode, ImageCaptioning, ImageFilterByFloatScoreNode, ImageFilterByIntScoreNode, ImageQualityScoreNode, ImageRankingNode, ImageScaleToMin, MD5ImageHashNode, SamplerPropertiesNode, ScoreConverterNode, SeedIncrementerNode, SegformerNode, SegformerNodeMasks, SegformerNodeMergeSegments, StepCfgIncrementNode
212INFOmikkelComfyUI – Text Overlay Plugin ComfyUI Text Overlay Plugin provides functionalities for superimposing text on images. Users can select different font types, set text size, choose color, and adjust the text’s position on the image.
NODESImage Text Overlay
213INFOavatechaiavatar-graph-comfyui custom nodes module for creating real-time interactive avatars powered by blender bpy mesh api + Avatech Shape Flow runtime.
NODESApplyMeshTransformAsShapeKey, B_ENUM, B_VECTOR3, B_VECTOR4, CreateShapeFlow, ExportBlendshapes, ExportGLTF, Image Alpha Mask Merge, ImageBridge, LoadImageWithAlpha, SAM MultiLayer, Save Image With Workflow
214INFOTRI3D-LCtri3d-comfyui-nodes tri3d-extract-hand, tri3d-fuzzification, tri3d-position-hands, tri3d-atr-parse.
NODEStri3d-atr-parse, tri3d-atr-parse-batch, tri3d-extract-hand, tri3d-extract-parts-batch, tri3d-fuzzification, tri3d-position-hands, tri3d-position-parts-batch
215INFOstoryiconsegment anything on GroundingDino and SAM, use semantic strings to segment any element in an image. The comfyui version of sd-webui-segment-anything.
NODESGroundingDinoModelLoader (segment anything), GroundingDinoSAMSegment (segment anything), InvertMask (segment anything), SAMModelLoader (segment anything)
216INFOa1lazydogComfyUI-AudioScheduler mp3 files and use the audio nodes to power animations and prompt scheduling. Use with FizzNodes.
NODESAmplitudeToGraph, AmplitudeToNumber, AudioToAmplitudeGraph, AudioToFFTs, BatchAmplitudeSchedule, ClipAmplitude, GateNormalizedAmplitude, LoadAudio, NormalizeAmplitude, NormalizedAmplitudeToGraph, NormalizedAmplitudeToNumber, TransientAmplitudeBasic
217INFOwhatbirdisthatcyberdolphin Suite of ComfyUI nodes for wiring up things.
NODES🐬 Gradio ChatInterface, 🐬 OpenAI Advanced, 🐬 OpenAI Compatible, 🐬 OpenAI DALL·E, 🐬 OpenAI Simple
218INFOchrish-slingshotComfyUI-ImageGlitcher ImageGlitcher. Based on the HTML image glitcher by Felix Turner here.
219INFOspinagonComfyUI-seam-carving Image Resize (seam carving). Seam carving (image resize) for ComfyUI. Based on With seam carving algorithm, the image could be intelligently resized while keeping the important contents undistorted. The carving process could be further guided, so that an object could be removed from the image without apparent artifacts.
220INFOYMCymc-node-suite-comfyui ‘s nodes for comfyui. This extension is composed of nodes that provide various utility features such as text, region, and I/O.
NODESImage Save, Save Text File, canvas-util-cal-size, conditioning-util-input-switch, cutoff-region-util, hks-util-cal-denoise-step, img-util-get-image-size, img-util-switch-input-image, io-util-file-list-get, io-util-file-list-get-text, number-util-random-num, pipe-util-to-basic-pipe, region-util-get-by-center-and-size, region-util-get-by-lt, region-util-get-crop-location-from-center-size-text, region-util-get-pad-out-location-by-size, text-preset-colors, text-util-join-text, text-util-loop-text, text-util-path-list, text-util-prompt-add-prompt, text-util-prompt-adv-dup, text-util-prompt-adv-search, text-util-prompt-del, text-util-prompt-dup, text-util-prompt-join, text-util-prompt-search, text-util-prompt-shuffle, text-util-prompt-std, text-util-prompt-unweight, text-util-random-text, text-util-search-text, text-util-show-text, text-util-switch-text, xyz-util-txt-to-int
221INFOchibiaceComfyUI-Chibi-Nodes, Prompts, …
NODESImageTool, Loader, Prompts
222INFODigitalIOComfyUI-stable-wildcards implementation that can be reproduced with workflows.
223INFOTHtianhaoComfyUI-Portrait-Maker, FaceFusion, RatioMerge2Image, MaskMerge2Image, ReplaceBoxImg, ExpandMaskBox, FaceSkin, SkinRetouching, PortraitEnhancement, …
NODESBoxCropImage, ColorTransfer, ExpandMaskBox, FaceFusionPM, FaceSkin, GetImageInfo, ImageResizeTarget, ImageScaleShort, MaskDilateErode, MaskMerge2Image, PortraitEnhancement, RatioMerge2Image, ReplaceBoxImg, RetainFace, SkinRetouching
224INFOzer0TFCute Comfy a configurable folder watcher that auto-converts Comfy metadata into a Civitai-friendly format for automatic resource tagging when you upload images. Oh, and it makes your UI awesome, too. 💜
225INFOchflame163ComfyUI_MSSpeech_TTS text-to-speech plugin used under ComfyUI. It utilizes the Microsoft Speech TTS interface to convert text content into MP3 format audio files.
226INFOdrustan-hawkprimitive-types text-to-speech plugin used under ComfyUI. It utilizes the Microsoft Speech TTS interface to convert text content into MP3 format audio files.
NODESfloat, int, string, string_multiline
227INFOshadowcz007comfyui-mixlab-nodes RandomPrompt, TransparentImage, LoadImageFromPath, SplitLongMask
NODESKandinskyModel, KandinskyModelLoad, LoadImageFromPath, RandomPrompt, SplitLongMask, TransparentImage
228INFOtaabataSyrian Falcon Nodes editing, Word as Image
NODESCompositeImage, KSamplerAlternate, KSamplerPromptEdit, KSamplerPromptEditAndAlternate, LoopBack, QRGenerate, WordAsImage
229INFOSer-HilarySDXL_sizing Size calculation node related to image size in prompts supported by SDXL.
NODESget_aspect_from_image, get_aspect_from_ints, sizing_node, sizing_node_basic, sizing_node_unparsed
230INFOailex000Image Gallery javascript extensions for better UX for ComfyUI. Supported nodes: PreviewImage, SaveImage. Double click on image to open.
231INFOrock-landgraphNavigator Web Extension for saving views and navigating graphs.
232INFOdiffus3diffus3/ComfyUI-extensions subgraph, setget, multiReroute
233INFOm957ymj75urzm957ymj75urz/ComfyUI-Custom-Nodes RawText, RawTextCLIPEncode, RawTextCombine, RawTextReplace, Extension: m957ymj75urz.colors
NODESRawText, RawTextCombine, RawTextEncode, RawTextReplace
234INFOBikecicleWaveform Extensions additional audio utilites for use on top of Sample Diffusion ComfyUI Extension
NODESBatchJoinAudio, CutAudio, DuplicateAudio, JoinAudio, ResampleAudio, ReverseAudio, StretchAudio
235INFOdawangraomingKSampler GPU is provided, based on GPU random noise
NODESKSamplerAdvancedGPU, KSamplerGPU
236INFOfitCorderfcSuite is a custom module, that when configured correctly will increment through the lines generating you loras at different strengths. The JSON file will load the config.
NODESfcFloat, fcFloatMatic, fcInteger
237INFOlrzjasonComfyUIJasonNode, LatentByRatio
238INFOlordgasmicWildcards This wildcard node is a wildcard node that operates based on the seed.
239INFOthrottlekittySDXLCustomAspectRatio quick and easy ComfyUI custom node for setting SDXL-friendly aspect ratios.
240INFOs1dlxcomfy_meh merging methods.
241INFOtudalHakkun-ComfyUI-nodes Prompt parser. ComfyUI extra nodes. Mostly prompt parsing.
NODESAny Converter, Calculate Upscale, Image Resize To Height, Image Resize To Width, Image size to string, Multi Text Merge, Prompt Parser, Random Line, Random Line 4
242INFOSadaleNetComfyUI A1111-like Prompt Custom Node Solution CLIPTextEncodeA1111, RerouteTextForCLIPTextEncodeA1111.
NODESCLIPTextEncodeA1111, RerouteTextForCLIPTextEncodeA1111
243INFOwsippelSDXLResolutionPresets SDXLResolutionPresets. Easy access to the officially supported resolutions, in both horizontal and vertical formats: 1024×1024, 1152×896, 1216×832, 1344×768, 1536×640
244INFOnicolai256comfyUI_Nodes_nicolai256 yugioh_Presets. by Nicolai256 inspired by throttlekitty SDXLAspectRatio
245INFOOnierousQRNG_Node_ComfyUI QRNG Node CSV. A node that takes in an array of random numbers from the ANU QRNG API and stores them locally for generating quantum random number noise_seeds in ComfyUI
246INFOntdvietntdviet/comfyui-ext This ComfyUI custom node flushes the GPU cache and empty cuda interprocess memory. It’s helpfull for low memory environment such as the free Google Colab, especially when the workflow VAE decode latents of the size above 1500×1500.
247INFOalkemannalkemann nodes to Text, Seed With Text, Save A1 Image.
NODESInt to Text, Save A1 Image, Seed With Text
248INFOcatscandriveImage loader with subfolders an Image Loader node that also shows images in subfolders of the default input directory
249INFOSmuzziesChatbox Overlay node for ComfyUI Chatbox Overlay. Custom node for ComfyUI to add a text box over a processed image before save node.
NODESChatbox Overlay
250INFOtheallyTheAlly’s Custom Nodes nodes for ComfyUI by TheAlly.
251INFOxssCustom Nodes by xss image processing nodes.
252INFOaimingfailImage2Halftone Node for ComfyUI is a node to convert an image into a CMYK Halftone dot image.

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