How to Use Upscale Models in ComfyUI

If you’re aiming to enhance the resolution of images in ComfyUI using upscale models such as ESRGAN, follow this concise guide:

1. Model Preparation:

  • Obtain the ESRGAN or other upscale models of your choice.
  • Place them into the models/upscale_models directory of ComfyUI.

2. Accessing the Models in ComfyUI:

  • On the ComfyUI interface, drag the UpscaleModelLoader node into your workflow area.
  • Direct the node to the models/upscale_models folder, allowing it to access the ESRGAN models.

3. Engage the ESRGAN Model:

  • In the UpscaleModelLoader, select the ESRGAN model from the provided list or directory.

4. Image Upscaling:

  • Introduce the ImageUpscaleWithModel node to your flow.
  • Link the output from the UpscaleModelLoader to this node’s input.
  • Attach the image you want to upscale.

5. Obtain and Review:

  • After processing, retrieve the upscaled image.
  • Examine the results, and if necessary, make adjustments and reprocess.

By following these steps, you can effectively use upscale models like ESRGAN within ComfyUI to achieve higher resolution images.

Here is an example:


You can load this image in ComfyUI to get the workflow.

If you are looking for upscale models to use you can find some on The Upscale Wiki

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